Xinhai was invited to the 2017 1st Gold Mining Technology Seminar in Peru

2017-05-18 XinHai Views (1456)

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Recently, Xinhai was invited to the first international clean-type gold mining technology seminar that host by Peru Nacional San Augustin University, and communicated with well-known mining scholars from Canada, Australia, Russia, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Switzerland and other countries, as well as executives from Falcon, Knelson, mineral processing equipment manufacturer, shared our mineral processing technology and experience, and discussed the application and development of clean-type gold mining technology.

As the only representative of Chinese enterprises, Xinhai Peru office director Bruce had in-depth discussions with guests about the application of clean-type gold mining technology and equipment.

▼The excerpt of Xinhai Peru office director Bruce speech in the seminar

In exchange part, Xinhai Peru office director Bruce shared "how to maximize the free gold recovery through improving beneficiation process" technical methods around Xinhai gravity separation process with guests, which won the praise of the scholars.

▼Bruce shared Xinhai gravity separation process with guests.


In the question-and-answer session, Bruce answered the question "what is the clean-type gold mining technology?" He said: "the clean-type gold mining is not the traditional concept that everyone knows. In the gold ore dressing process, people often assume that single application of gravity separation is more environmental, but in fact, gravity separation process can't recycle all of gold element, especially in low grade of gold ore dressing process. Without chemical flotation reagents, cyanide, mercury and only water is not clean-type dressing technology. Clean-type ore dressing concept should be the integrated technologies of closed cycle process, dry tailings discharge and recycling technologies after wastewater treatment."

▼The interactive question and answer between Bruce and audience about gold ore processing technology


Later, Bruce Shared Xinhai gold EPC project case video, and explained how to help customers at the lowest processing costs and achieve the maximum gold recovery.

▼After the seminar, Bruce had in-depth exchange with professor of Nacional San Augustin University and local business executives, then took a group photo together


This international clean-type gold ore dressing technology seminar, not only provided a communication platform for Xinhai and well-known scholars and enterprise, but also further enhanced Xinhai international influence in the mineral processing field. In the future, Xinhai will participate in more international exchanges and cooperation in the mineral processing field, improving our comprehensive service ability, providing more professional EPC service for more customers.