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Aspects Needed Attention in Flotation Machines Maintenance and Repair

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01There are many aspects needed to be noticed in the maintenance of flotation machines.

First, when replacing worn impellers and rotors, it’s advisable to adjust the gap between them with gaskets to keep it within 6-10 millimeters.

Second, it is better to check whether the rubber tube used to protect the main shaft is scuffed before installing impellers. If there’s abrasion, remember to change for a new one in time.

Third, if the axial clearance is too large because of the bearings wear, all we need to do is just to adjust the compaction degree of internal and external housing washers.

Four, when you found out oil leakage from the oil seal cover under the bearing body, it’s necessary to change new oil seal cover timely and be careful of not compressing it too tight.

02There are also many aspects needed to be noticed in flotation machines commissioning and usage after maintenance.

First of all, you should carefully examine and clear the cell. Then carry out the empty test running and add gradually clean water until the feed. When adding waters, it is better to pay attention to adjust the size of the circular holes. Meanwhile, make sure to examine whether impellers has partial dynamic and impact phenomenon or not. Second, remember to look down to check the rotation direction of motor shaft to insure that the impeller shaft is revolving clockwise when starting the motor. What’s more, it’s also important to note the adjustment of slurry level-the open degree of gate-when a flotation machine is used. Only when adjusting the slurry height in time can we effectively make the froth scraped and prevent the slurry from overflowing into the foam tank.

All above is some knowledge about the types and maintenance of flotation machines. It’s very necessary to have a deeper understanding of flotation machines, as for flotation technology is a more applied mineral processing method in current dressing plants.

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