Efficient Improved Thickener Sludge Flow Analysis

2015-09-15 XinHai Views (1102)

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Efficient Improved Thickener Sludge Flow Analysis

Efficient Improved Thickener is mainly used for processing sludge and waste water, at present, it is widely used in the mining, metallurgy, coal, chemicals, building materials and environmental protection and others. In practical application, there is a common phenomenon, sludge flow. Xinhai Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. has been committed to providing customers with the superior attentive service. There is a brief analysis about the thickener sludge flow.

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01Firstly Temperature Factor

The measurement results from the Xinhai company shows that the slurry viscosity decreases as the temperature increasing, when the temperature is increased by 1%, the slurry viscosity is reduced by 2%. Since the viscosity of the medium affects the settling of the particles, so the higher the temperature is, the less the viscosity becomes, which facilitates the settling work. When the mineral particles have the same components in the slurry, in January with the low temperature the inspected results shows that there are 145 times of sludge flow accounting for 175 times of tests. And the largest overflow concentration is 10.89%. In July of the same year, among the 176 tests, there are few sludge flow. The average Efficient Improved Thickener verflow concentration is about 0.21%. So the sludge flow is closely related to temperature.

02Secondly,Features of the Mineral Particles

According to a sample analysis on sludge flow in one mineral processing plant, it is known that -8μm accounts 78.9%, the surface area occupies 56487cm2 / g. The more fine particles in the slurry, the greater surface area and more energy is, which will increase the collision between the mineral particles and increase settling resistance even reduce the setting speed. Xinhai independently developed the Efficient Improved Thickener with a greater settling zone and compression zone, so the slurry has greater concentration and the capacity has been improved greatly, which prevents the sludge flow from the impact of the particles size.

Xinhai produces Efficient Improved Thickener with a range of specifications and models. In practical production, it will provide considerable economic benefits for the customers.