High Manganese Steel Liner

High Manganese Steel Liner

[Introduction] : Xinhai Ball Mill High Manganese Steel Liner is used for protecting ball mill cylinder against the impact of grinding medium and ore. At the same time, taking advantage of different forms of high manganese steel liner to adjust the motion state of the grinding media to enhance the crushing effect of grinding materials, which helps to improve the grinding efficiency of the ball mill, increases productivity, and reduces metal consumption.

[Feature] : Xinhai high manganese steel liner has impact toughness. When subjected to impact, the surface will produce cold hardening, which is hard and wear-resistant. The hardness can reach HB300-350, impact value reaches 700Nm / cm2.



The high manganese steel liner can be used for ball mill, crushers, loaders, excavators, tools, bucket and bulldozer blades, screw conveyor and other wear-resistance structural production equipment. Mainly used in metallurgy industry, cement industry, the coal industry.