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Shandong Xinhai Mining Technology Equipment Inc. is an international mine EPCM+O service provider integrating mine technology consulting and design research (E), complete equipment manufacturing and procurement (P), mining construction and civil construction, installation, commissioning and delivery (C), mine construction management (M), mine production operation management and services (O), as well as industry resources integration, which belongs to a new manufacturing high-end service industry.

As a proposer and practitioner in mine EPCM+O service, Xinhai has served nearly 2,000 mines and completed over 500 EPCM+O projects in more than 100 countries and regions around the world. Xinhai installation and commissioning department has carried out installation and commissioning work at home and abroad all year round. It has more than ten years of practical experience and establishes a scientific and efficient assessment system so that each EPCM+O project can be completed according to standardization, process and intelligence.

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