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Classification and Characteristics of Mineral Magnetic Separation Equipment

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Magnetic separation technology is a commonly used ore separation method in mineral processing plants. It realizes the separation of magnetic minerals and non-magnetic minerals by utilizing the magnetic difference in ore. The key to realize this process is the magnetic separation equipment. This article will introduce the different types of magnetic separation equipment, their application range and working principle.

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01Wet magnetic separator

Wet magnetic separator is a commonly used magnetic separation equipment, suitable for processing ore with magnetic mineral particle size below 0.2mm. Its working principle is to realize the separation of magnetic minerals and non-magnetic minerals by interacting the pulp with the magnetic field.


The characteristics of wet magnetic separator are as follows:

(1) Simple operation: It is simple in structure and convenient in operation, and is widely applicable to the production of small and medium-sized mines.

(2) High magnetic field strength: Wet magnetic separator can provide high magnetic field strength, which can effectively adsorb magnetic minerals and realize efficient separation and enrichment of ores.

(3) Strong adaptability: it can be adjusted according to the properties and requirements of the ore, and is suitable for the separation of different types of ores.

02Dry magnetic separator

Dry magnetic separator is another common magnetic separation equipment, which is suitable for processing ores with a particle size below 3mm. Unlike wet magnetic separators, dry magnetic separators do not require the addition of moisture when processing ore.

dry-magnetic-separator-machine-on-site (2).jpg

The characteristics of dry magnetic separator are as follows:

(1) No need for water: dry magnetic separator does not require additional water, and the operation is more convenient. It is suitable for areas with scarce resources or limited water resources.

(2) Wide adaptability: dry magnetic separator is suitable for processing dry ore, and can process ore with low moisture content.

(3) Lower magnetic field strength: Compared with wet magnetic separators, dry magnetic separators have lower magnetic field strengths, so the separation effect for fine-grained and weaker magnetic ores may be slightly inferior to wet magnetic separators.


03High Gradient Magnetic Separator

High Gradient Magnetic Separator is a high-efficiency magnetic separation equipment, which is mainly used to process fine-grained and weakly magnetic ores. It utilizes the dual effects of strong magnetic field and high gradient magnetic field to effectively separate and enrich magnetic minerals.

The characteristics of high gradient magnetic separator are as follows:

(1) High magnetic field strength: High gradient magnetic separator has high magnetic field strength, which can absorb and separate tiny particles of magnetic minerals.

(2) High separation efficiency: Due to the advantages of its magnetic field strength and gradient, high-gradient magnetic separators can achieve high-efficiency separation and enrichment, and improve the beneficiation effect.

(3) High investment and operating costs: High gradient magnetic separators have relatively high equipment investment and operating costs, and are suitable for processing high-grade and high-value magnetic ores.


In addition to the above-mentioned magnetic separation equipment, there are other types of magnetic separation equipment such as electromagnetic magnetic separator, permanent magnetic magnetic separator, etc. They are different in structure and working principle, and are suitable for different ores and process requirements.

Magnetic separation equipment is a key component of magnetic separation technology. Different types of magnetic separation equipment have their own characteristics and scope of application, and the appropriate equipment can be selected according to the properties of ore and processing requirements. Magnetic separation technology is widely used in ore processing, which can realize the separation, enrichment and resource utilization of ore. In actual production, the selection of suitable magnetic separation equipment should be based on the characteristics of the ore itself and the process flow.

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