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The Maintenance Point of Floatation Cell Is All Here!

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The flotation cell belongs to the continuous operation equipment in the flotation concentrator, which has a large number of applications and large power. In the daily work, the poor environmental conditions or improper use will cause wear and failure of the flotation cell, which not only affects the efficiency of the flotation machine, but also increases the cost of application. Therefore, in order to ensure the normal operation of the flotation cell and improve the flotation efficiency, it is very important to carry out the regular maintenance and overhaul of the flotation cell.

Usually, the maintenance and overhaul work of the flotation cell shall be equipped with full-time personnel, mainly including daily inspection, cleaning, lubrication and regular maintenance and other operations, so as to ensure the stable and continuous operation of the flotation cell.

01The daily maintenance of flotation cell

For the daily maintenance of the flotation cell, the personnel on duty must understand the structural performance of the flotation cell, familiar with the operation of the flotation machine, so as to implement the maintenance and overhaul procedures of the flotation cell.


Review content:

1. Check whether the bolts between each part are loose or abnormal, whether the tensioning degree of the triangle belt, the safety cover of the belt are complete and firm, whether the scraper parts are in good condition. If any problem is found, the personnel on duty should deal with it in time.

2. Check whether the motor is overheated, whether the motor bearing temperature exceeds the standard value, and whether the scraper bearing is worn.

3. Check whether the flotation cell is shaking, whether the fixing parts are abnormal, and whether the main bearing is hot.

4. Check whether the bubble scraping rate of the bubble scraping mechanism decreases. When the bubble scraping mechanism vibrates or swings, it is necessary to timely check whether the transmission bearing cracks and whether the coupling is detached.

5. Check the inflation and suction state of the flotation cell.

6. Check the lubrication points and confirm whether the lubricating oil at each point is sufficient.

7. Check whether the drawing valve and the box are flat, whether the tank is leaking.

8. Check the intake and exhaust pressure, bearing temperature and motor current of the blower, and observe the vibration and noise of the blower.

02The daily cleaning of flotation cell

The daily cleaning of the flotation cell is one of the main measures to determine the working capacity, working period and keep the main parts working normally.


Cleaning content:

1. Keep the floatation cell clean, and the operation room or machine room free from ash accumulation, and keep spare parts, materials and tools in order. Timely disposal of oil spills in all areas.

2. Clean the flotation cell in shifts, once overall cleaning a week.

3. Clean all platforms in time and without the ash deposits.

03The check of the lubrication system

Lubrication management is an important part of the flotation cell. Proper, reasonable and timely lubrication work is the prerequisite to ensure the normal performance of the flotation machine, which can not only reduce the wear and tear of the flotation machine, reduce the equipment failure, but also improve the utilization rate of flotation cell and improve the comprehensive benefits of enterprises.


Check content:

1. During the operation, pay attention to check the bearing temperature of the motor, flotation machine and fan, and regularly add the oil at each lubrication point.

2. Regularly add grease to the scraper bearing and shaft sleeve.

3. Check the oil level of the fan every day and stop the fan to add if necessary. The lubricant used for the fan is the industrial CARTER SH with a viscosity coefficient of 220 or 150.


Lubrication requirements:

1. The grade of the lubricating oil must meet the requirements. When replacing oil is used, its performance shall not be lower than the technical performance of the prescribed oil, and it shall be approved by the competent authority.

2. The grease shall be kept clean and filled in a special container. It shall be stored in a cool and sealed place at a temperature which cannot exceed the storage temperature prescribed by the lubricating oil.

3. Before the bearing is oiled, the nozzle must be cleaned to avoid blockage of the oiling hole. If the oil filling hole is blocked, it should be dealt with immediately. If it is not handled, it should be reported in time.

4. The oil shall be changed at each lubrication point as required, and oil shall be changed at the mixing and blowing parts every three months; the main bearing is oiled once a month.

5. The lubrication devices must be complete and complete.

6. When the fan runs for 1000 hours continuously, the oil must be changed once.


04Regularly overhaul the flotation cell

In the initial working stage, we should strengthen the detection frequency, keep the regular measurement of the motor and spindle temperature, observe whether there is abnormal sound. The regular maintenance of the flotation cell shall be equipped with professional personnel who are familiar with the operation of the flotation machine every 3-4 months, including clearance of impeller cover, impeller wear, bearing clearance, pipeline, slot and pipeline leakage. The parts that are easy to damage should be kept in the warehouse and can be replaced in case of damage.


Preparation before the maintenance:

1. Before the maintenance, check the equipment problems according to spot inspection and make relevant plans.

2. Implement the spare parts, materials and personnel according to the maintenance plan.

3. The staff shall clean the surrounding environment of the flotation cell and clean the slurry inside and beside the tank.

Maintenance period and range:

Maintenance periodMaintenance content
Minor maintenance1-3 monthsCheck the wear of impeller and cover plate; Replace scraper shaft and bearing pedestal; Replace scraper and scraper shaft; Change the oil for motor bearing.
Medium maintenance12 monthsReplace the shaft bearing; Replace the shaft support; Replace the impeller cover.
Major maintenance5-10 yearsReplace the foam tank and repair the flotation tank; Replace the pipe gate.

Half-year maintenance plan:

1. The operators and maintenance workers shall conduct a comprehensive inspection of the flotation cell every 6 months, to confirm whether the bearings are in good condition and whether the sealing performance is good. The oil shall be changed once.

2. The operators are required to check the loss of impeller and stator and record every 6 months.

3. Check the tightness of the belt and wear the condition of the pulley every 6 months.

4. Check whether the pipelines and gates are leaking and whether the tank and all parts are in good condition every 6 months.

5. The full-time electrician shall check the electrical wiring and clean the electrical wiring every 6 months to ensure that there is no leakage and sensitive and reliable electrical wiring.

The above is the daily operation and maintenance of the flotation cell. On the one hand, it is suggested to purchase the flotation machine from the equipment manufacturers who have the overall qualification of the plant. On the other hand, it is suggested that the flotation machine operating and maintenance personnel should improve their operation skills, pay more attention to the flotation machine running, timely response to the flotation machine all kinds of conditions, ensuring that the smooth flotation operation, avoid the unnecessary economic losses.

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