Common Problems and Solutions of Jigging Process

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Jigging process has the advantages of good separation effect, large processing capacity, wide separation granularity range, less investment, low production cost, simple process system, etc., so it is widely used in the gravity separation process. As an important equipment in the gravity separation process, the operation of jigger is directly related to the product quality and the economic benefits of the concentrator. In case of abnormal problems of jig, which may affect the normal work of the subsequent process flow, it should be dealt with in time. Therefore, it is very important to understand the common problems of the jigging process and how to deal with them.

Here are some common problems of jig in the jigging process and their solutions.

011. The screen plate is loose or broken

During the jigging process, if the screen plate bounces with the pulsating water, the screws of the screen plate are loosened or dropped. If a column of water appears at a certain part of the bed during the period of rising water, and the water flow falls rapidly in the period of water flow decline, the material in the bucket increases obviously, the screen plate is broken into holes.


If the screw of the screen plate is loose or dropped, the jigger operator must stop the jigger immediately to clean the bed layer and tighten the screw; If the screen plate is broken, it is necessary to stop the discharge water, clean the bed and repair the leak of screen plate.

022. The bed layer is evacuated

The thickness of the bed is related to the nature of the material (density and particle size). In the jigging process, the bed must maintain a certain thickness and make it stable. But sometimes, if the gate opening is too large or the automatic discharge device (such as the gauge tube electrode) is not adjusted properly, the discharging may be too much and the bed is empty.


It is necessary to deal with promptly when the bed is empty. Adjust the gate opening and electrode to the appropriate position, and readjust the bed layer to make the bed thickness suitable.


033.Discharging system is abnormal

For the discharging of jigging process, the supporting bending plate of the discharging system is misaligned, which causes the uneven gap between the supporting bending plate and the lifting wheel, the friction occurs in the narrow part, and material overflows from the large gap, so that the unseparated material enters the product. That's because the lifting wheel shifts in the lifting path, or the support plate deforms, loosen.


Adjust the lifting wheel support device and guide wheel position in time during daily maintenance to maintain the normal working position of the lifting wheel in the wheel path; Timely tighten the connecting bolts of the support bending plate and correct the deformed support bending plate.

044. Air valve angles are different

The purpose of adjusting the air volume and water volume is to keep the bed stable and in a working state conducive to the jigging process. In the practice, there are some problems in the same section of the jigger, for example, the bed pulsations are not coordinated, the gap is too large.


Stop the jigger immediately to check the angle of the air valve. In order to improve the separating effect and processing capacity of the jigging process, it must be noted that the air valve cycle characteristics of each compartment shall be consistent in the same section. Pay attention to check whether the rotation direction is correct, only the correct rotation direction can produce the correct period: intake-expansion-exhaust; The opposite rotation direction will produce the wrong cycle, which seriously affects the quality of the product and the processing capacity of the jigging process.


055. The solenoid valve is failed

When the solenoid valve has the problems of blockage, sealing ring leakage, chances are the filter is failed, the high-pressure wind takes water or the impurities are too much, the solenoid valve isn't be cleaned when checking. When the coil is broken or the connection contact is bad, it will also lead to no pull-in noise after the solenoid valve is energized.


Clean the solenoid valve regularly, replace the sealing ring and coil, replace the air filter.

The above are the common problems and solutions in the jigging process. Special attention shall be paid to the fact that there are many reasons for the failure of the jigger. When the problems occur in the jigging process, the jigger operators should analyze the specific problems firstly. At the same time, it is suggested that each mine owner should seek the professional jigger manufacturer to purchase and maintain jigger, so as to avoid the impact of mechanical failure on the overall operation of the concentrator.

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