Intelligent controlling & moving flexible, How can Xinhai Mining New Type Mobile Pump Station solve the problems of clients?

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Pump station is common fluid delivery equipment. During the production, the slurry with different size particles damages a lot to the fluid delivery equipment. The traditional pump station has trouble with irrigation and drainage. It wastes time and energy in manual monitoring and control. The fixed pump station is also fussy and inflexible. One day, a client finds Xinhai Mining and entrusts us to design pump equipment which can be used in multiple scenes and move flexibly. According to the requirement, the mobile pump station emerges. It solves the problems of traditional pump stations and can also move as a whole station. Since it put into usage, Xinhai new type of mobile pump station receives praise and favor.

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011.What is the mobile pump station?

Xinhai mobile pump station is a modular automatic mobile fluid delivery. It is composed of a slurry pump unit, a vacuum suction flow system, a feeding pipe lifting system, and a vacuum water circulation system. It has the energy to deliver large flow fluidly. It delivers fluid through the discharge line with the rotation of the slurry pump impeller. With the vacuum water circulation system, it solves the exhaust drainage work. It realizes the convenient rapid enablement of the water supply pump at any time. It also realizes the four core functions of automatic drainage of equipment, automatic monitoring of equipment operating status, automatic control of equipment start and stop, and flexible and convenient movement.

The mobile pump station is automatic control, which is convenient and safe. The head of delivery is up to 130m, and the flux up to 2333m³/h. It can be wildly used in mineral processing or water conservancy waste discharge, tailings delivery, earthwork, hydraulic transportation of material, seawater sand selection, sand dug, cofferdam pumping, river dredging and other aspects.

mobile pump station structure

022.The four advantages of mobile pump station

(1)Fully automatic control, easy to operate

The mobile pump station realizes intelligent automation through automatic control. The vacuum pump and slurry pump can automatically start or stop. There are pressure sensors at the feeding and discharge throat, which can real-time monitor the vary of pressure. The in and out pipeline can be lifted or descended by electromotion, without excess lifting equipment, which is easy to operate. At the same time, the vacuum pump set can automatically start or stop according to the liquid meter signal. It makes sure there is no air at in and out pipelines, avoiding cavitation.

(2)Mobile operation, flexiable

Xinhai mobile pump station has a simple structure, less occupied and without a cement foundation. Sled rack is used to move rapidly to multiple working conditions. The water ring vacuum pump can realize the working fluid circulation, which highly reduces the requirement of working fluid. It is convenient for outdoor mobile work. The motor of the mobile pump station can realize frequency control. The motive power can be changed by the gas engine, which can make sure the working condition of the pump.

(3)Wear-resistance rubber as a liner, long working life

The slurry pump inlet tee, outlet transition joint and outlet reducing joint of the mobile pump station are lined with Xinhai wear-resistant rubber. It has a good effect on wear-resistance and lengthens the working life of pipes.

(4)Well sealed, easy to maintain

The slurry pump of the mobile pump station is sealed by both auxiliary impeller seal and packing seal. It can make sure the pump station without clean water, reducing the usage amount of clean water. The water ring vacuum pump is machinery sealed. It has the characteristic of reliable structure, less leakage, low friction power consumption and long working life. The bearing is free from maintenance without lubricating oil addition.

mobile pump station

033.The application of mobile pump station

In a tailing processing project in Uzbekistan, Xinhai adopted the mobile pump station for the pumping and backwater operation of tailing pond. The mobile pump station can automatically monitor the operation state of the equipment, automatically control the start and stop of the equipment, and move conveniently, and it also solved the series of problems. For example, start and stop by manual monitoring and control is laborious, the fixed pump stations are cumbersome and inflexible.

Just like the service concept of "What you need is what we can do", Xinhai Mining always regards independent innovation as the driving force for the survival and development of the company, thinking about what customers think, eager for customers, and providing customers for their needs. As needed, every product and every tiny component can create strong productivity with low investment cost, effectively solve the problems encountered by customers in actual production, and help customers strive for an ideal return on investment.

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