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What Xinhai wear-resistant rubber linears can provide for you?

2015-02-02 XinHai Views (966)

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Xinhai wearable rubber was developed after a long time research and successfully applied in mineral processing industry. Xinhai rubber is lined in all kinds of mining machinery, such as ball mill, hydrocyclone, pump and so on. Xinhai wear-resistant rubber liners can provide for you?1.Resistance to wear and impact, long service lifeXinhai hydrocyclone lined by The average service life of manganese steel liners is 4320-6100 hours. Rubber liners with special formula own longer service life (7800-13000 hours) by high pressure vulcanization process, and the wear resistance is greatly improved. In addition, rubber liners have resistance to impact. Manganese steel liners fragment more or less after the intense impact of the steel ball. But the rubber liners with excellent elastic buffer put the end to the fragmentation phenomenon, thereby reducing the repair cost, saving downtime repair time, improving the efficiency of mine mill, and indirectly increasing the processing capacity to ensure the normal order of production.2.Low energy consumptionAccording to the law of conservation of energy, how much work is done, and how much energy is taken. Physical density of rubber is 1/6 of manganese steel’s. So installation of rubber liners greatly reduces the weight of the whole body, so as to reduce the motor load and save energy, which reduces the cost of production.3.Resistance to corrosionManganese steel has replacement reaction with acid, alkali and salt accelerating the abrasion of the liner; rubber liners after the special craft formula have corrosion resistance, water insoluble and no chemical reaction with the acid, alkali and salt, so as to effectively prolong the service life of the ball mill.4.Convenient installationThe rubber liners are lighter than manganese steel liners. Don’t need installation instruments such as crane in installation avoiding the accidence happening, which shortens the downtime and improves operation efficiency.5.Low noiseIn the mine dressing plant, the three killers of occupation disease: dust pollution, noise pollution and beneficiation reagent. When the steel balls take impact with manganese steel liner, the noise reaches 110dB directly damaging the health and greatly improving the occupation disease incidence rate. Installing rubber liners reduces the noise of impact, besides the rubber can isolate sound at least 20dB. Employees working environment has been greatly improved, which also stimulate staff's work enthusiasm and improve production efficiency indirectly.