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How to Solve the Problems of Flotation Machine in Daily Application?

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The flotation machine is the main equipment used in the separation operation in the concentrator. It carries out the operation of the treated pulp by stirring and aerating, so that some of the ore particles selectively adhere to the bubble, float up to the surface of the pulp and then be hung out by the flotation machine scraper to form the foam product, and the rest of the ore particles are left in the pulp to achieve the separation purpose.

In the actual production, flotation opportunities encounter a variety of problems, such as a cover plate or stator screw fall off, groove bottom wear, groove bottom guard pries up, impeller cover wear or corrosion, scraper mechanism is not flexible, bearing clearance become large and so on. These faults not only affect the normal performance of the flotation machine, but also reduce the service life of the flotation machine components, reduce the flotation efficiency. And flotation cell accessories material consumption is obvious. At the same time, increased the working intensity of the maintenance team and production team.

Therefore, dealing with these faults properly is the necessary condition to ensure the normal operation of the flotation machine.

01Flotation machine cover plate or stator screw off

During the operation of the flotation cell, due to its rotating shock and vibration, the screws of the cover plate or stator of the flotation cell will fall off, thus affecting the normal operation of the flotation machine.

copper ore flotation separation system

Maintenance method: before starting up the flotation machine, check whether the bolts of each part are fastened; In the process of daily maintenance, also should be at any time to check the body parts of the bolt, to ensure its fastening, if found damaged, should be replaced in time.

02The bottom of the flotation machine groove is worn or corroded

Under the state of long-term operation of the flotation machine, due to the strong rotation of the flotation machine pulp in the flotation machine slot, the bottom slot body is severely worn and gradually thinned, resulting in the wear and deformation of the surrounding protective plate. In addition, under the action of flotation reagents, the thinner tank will accelerate the corrosion, thus affecting the normal operation of flotation cell.

Improvement method: when the tank of the flotation cell is damaged, it should be repaired. If the tank is seriously damaged, the whole tank should be replaced in time.

03Flotation machine groove bottom guard pry up

Flotation cell main protective tank bottom plate, in the daily operation, when the impeller flotation cell is in a state of high speed rotating, pulp in flotation machine slot will accelerate circulation, serious when, can lead to motor overload, leading to flotation machine groove bottom guard picked up, affect the normal work of the flotation cell, and even cause mill plant accident.

Improvement method: when the flotation cell starts, technical personnel shall adjust the pneumatic valve of the flotation machine to the appropriate position to ensure the flotation machine is in normal operation state; If the groove bottom guard pry, should be timely stop repair processing.

Copper Mineral Processing Plant

04The impeller and cover of flotation machine are worn or corroded

Impeller and cover are the main components of the flotation machine, but also vulnerable components, it is directly related to the flotation process of the degree of inflation and agitation of pulp. In the long run, the flotation cell will cause wear and corrosion to the impeller and cover, resulting in a larger gap between the impeller and cover, reducing the suction volume, and thereby reducing the flotation efficiency.

Improvement methods: maintenance and maintenance should be carried out regularly, if necessary, the impeller or cover plate should be replaced in time, after the replacement, the adjustment gasket should be used to adjust the axial clearance between the impeller and cover plate, to ensure that the axial clearance within the required range, at the same time, but also to maintain the coaxiality of the impeller and cover plate.

05Flotation machine scraper mechanism is not flexible

The scraper mechanism of the flotation machine is located on both sides of the tank of the flotation cell, which is used to scrape the concentrated foam, and is the main component of the flotation cell. The long-term operation will lead to the flotation machine scraper mechanism not flexible, which will lead to shaft break, machine temperature rise, motor deceleration or oil leakage and other problems, affecting the flotation efficiency.

Improvement method: before installation, the flotation cell should first check the parts of the scraper mechanism (bearing, coupling, etc.) to ensure that there is no damage, after installation found that the scraper shaft rotation is not flexible, you can add an adjustment pad between the scraper bearing seat and the slot; If the scraper is broken, it should be replaced in time, do not continue to use after welding, otherwise other parts are easy to be damaged.

flotation process

06The bearing clearance of flotation machine becomes larger

Under high-speed operation, the main bearing of the flotation cell becomes larger because of wear and corrosion, resulting in oil leakage and even damage.

Improvement method: when the bearing clearance becomes larger, the clearance can be adjusted by adjusting the compression degree of the inner and outer gaskets of the bearing. In case of oil leakage, oil seals should be replaced in time and lubricating oil should be added to avoid bearing wear or even fracture due to insufficient lubrication.

Attention: it is not recommended to press the oil seal too tightly to avoid damage to the oil seal.

Above are some of the flotation machines the frequent failure problems, whether mechanical flotation cell itself, or the late maintenance does not reach the designated position problem resulting in failure of flotation cell, should strengthen the daily maintenance work of the flotation machine, mechanical maintenance knowledge, master the characteristics of equipment fault characteristics, working principle and maintenance, etc., and customize the maintenance plan, reasonable work for repair and maintenance, as far as possible to guarantee the normal work of the flotation cell. In addition, when choosing the flotation machine, please choose the regular processing equipment manufacturer to buy flotation machine equipment, to ensure the quality of equipment.

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