Development Trend of Slurry Pump——Wear-resistant Slurry Pump

2018-11-16 XinHai Views (1106)

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In recent years, the solid-liquid hydraulic conveying technology has been widely used in mining, coal, metallurgy and power plants. Slurry pump is a kind of slurry conveying equipment that commonly used in various industries. However, in the production, the slurry pump is criticized by low wear-resistant performance, large consumption, high cost and delays in production. Therefore, the development trend of slurry pump definitely will be the wear-resistant slurry pump.

The traditional slurry pump is easy to wear, this is because the over-current parts (cover, impeller, seal structure, etc.) directly contact with the rapid-moving slurry that contains a lot of solid particles. Generally, the percentage reserve of the pump is usually 100 ~ 200%, and the management and maintenance costs are relatively high. In this case, the slurry pump manufactures, led by Xinhai, developed the wear-resistant slurry pump, which brings the slurry pump to a new level.

wear-resistant slurry pump

Xinhai wear-resistant slurry pump adopts Xinhai wear-resistant rubber that is developed by Yantai Xinhai wear-resisting rubber industry co., LTD. This company has eight rubber patents and unique "liquid state nano formula, normal temperature solidified" technology, its wear resistance of wear-resisting rubber products can reach the international leading level. The wear-resistant slurry pump, made of Xinhai wear-resistant rubber material, has better wear resistance than wear-resisting alloy. Xinhai wear-resistant slurry pump is developed by Xinhai mineral processing research institute, mechanical design institute and wear-resisting rubber research institute and it is especially suitable for the slurry conveying.

All in all, using the wear-resistant slurry pump is the development trend of the slurry conveying equipment!