Let Me Introduce the Biggest Thickener in China

2018-10-09 XinHai Views (1229)

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Xinhai hydraulic motor driving center thickener is a thickener with center hydraulic driving and hydraulic automatic rake lifting, which is a new type of thickener modified by Xinhai on the basis of central transmission thickener. Its precipitation area is up to 28-1590m2 and the internal diameter reaches 100m. It is also the largest thickener in China at present.

The thickener is also composed of transmission device, dosing device, electric control device, bridge frame, feeding tube, cloth barrel, fixed barrel, shaft, scraper, short rake, long rake, hanger rod, maintenance hanger and other parts, no difference with ordinary thickener. But the difference is, Xinhai specially addes hydraulic station, its hydraulic drive is equipped with overload protection function; besides, its innovative core PLC automatic sensing pressure sensor signal device realizes hydraulic automatic lifting and lowering rake; What's more, It can adjust the speed of the rake frame by adjusting the amount of oil discharging from the pump, then achieve the best working condition. At the same time, Xinhai hydraulic motor driving center thickener is also equipped with automatic dosing system.

Efficiency of Thickener

On the working principle, Xinhai uses the flocculant technology. The pulp is directly conveyed to the thickener area, then formed into filter bed in the pool. Those unflocculated fine particles will be rushed to the top, and collides with the particle on the filter bed, then sinks with other particles under the effect of flocculant. Besides, the flocculant is easy to make the particle conglomerate, speed up the settlement of the underlying, reduce the concentration of upper overflow, so the unit processing capability is large, which is around 8 times than that of transmission thickener.

In the innovation of thickening equipment, Xinhai is serious! Not only the thickener, Xinhai has also made many inventions and innovations in other mineral processing equipment. If you want to know more about thickener or other mineral processing equipment, welcome to consult!