Hydraulic Motor Driving Center Thickener

Hydraulic Motor Driving Center Thickener

[Introduction] : A thickener with center hydraulic driving and hydraulic automatic rake lifting

[Capacity] : 28~1590 m²

[Improvement] : Inner diameter is up to 100M

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  • 01

    Simple and convenient installation & maintenance;

  • 02

    The simple internal structure is convenient for the layout of hydraulic and electric control system;

  • 03

    Control the speed of rake by regulating oil volume of oil pump, so as to achieve the best state;

  • 04

    Automatic rake lifting and dropping.

Product Structure

It is mainly composed of transmission device, bridge frame, dosing device, feed pipe, fixed tube, cloth tube, scraper, shaft, long rake, short rake, boom, electric control device, hydraulic station, maintenance hanger, etc. This thickener adopts flocculation technology. The slurry is directly input into the compression zone of the thickener to form a filter bed in the pool. The fine particles in the slurry input from the bottom that are not flocculated are washed up by the water flow through the filter bed layer. The particles in the layer collide with other particles and sink together due to the effect of the flocculant, thereby increasing the slurry concentration of the bottom layer, while the concentration of the overflow water in the upper layer decreases. Due to the use of the flocculant, the particles are easy to form agglomerates and the settling speed is high The rate is accelerated, and the processing capacity per unit area is significantly improved, which is 4 to 8 times that of the traditional thickener.

Mainly used for clarification and concentration of coal slurry or pulp, also used for dewatering of solid-liquid separation in chemical industry, metallurgy industry, etc.

Technical Parameters

ModelThickening Tank Diameter (m)Thickening Tank Center Depth (m)Subsidence    Area (m2)Time of Harrow Rack Rotation (min)Height of Lifting Harrow (mm)Capacity
Drive Power
NZY-663 ~3.2282.5 ~535050~1003
NZY-15154 ~4.51765~10450350~4005.5
NZY-18184 ~4.52548~12450600~8005.5
NZY-20204 ~4.53148~12450800~10007.5
NZY-30304.5~5.570610 ~144501500~180011
NZY-38386.5 ~8113415 ~226001800~220015
NZY-40406.5 ~8125615 ~226002200~240015
NZY-45456.5 ~8159015 ~226002400~280015
NZY-53536.5 ~8220615 ~226003000~350015
NZY-60607 ~8.5282716~506003500~500018.5
NZY-75758~10441820 ~808007500~1000022