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High-efficient Flotation Cell—Reliable Copper Ore Flotation Equipment

2018-03-19 XinHai Views (1104)

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Flotation process is a mineral separation method that according to the hydrophobicity differences of particle surface. Copper sulfide is the main mineral of copper concentrates, which possess good inherent floatability, so it is usually separated by flotation method after crushing and grinding. Copper flotation operation is usually carried out in flotation cells or flotation columns. After air inflation and agitation, the useful minerals are adsorbed on the bubble surface. Therefore, high efficient and stable flotation equipment is the basic guarantee for the smooth flotation operation.

Xinhai is a professional mineral processing equipment manufacturer in China, and it has completed more than 500 mineral processing EPC projects. Besides, Xinhai pays great attention to its product improvement according to a large number of mine design cases. Aiming at copper flotation equipment, Xinhai has optimized and improved a high-efficient and energy-saving circular flotation cell on the basis of traditional flotation cell, which can be widely used in various metals and non-metallic minerals. The circular channel is convenient for site construction, saves occupied area and reduces investment. At the same time, the force distribution of the circular flotation cell is relatively even and easy to realize the large-scale equipment. What's more, the circular flotation cell has a very good flow mechanics feature, without dead angle and settlement. The shape of impeller and the flow mechanics feature of flotation cell can reduce the power consumption, save more 15% ~ 20% compared with the same type of flotation equipment. Because reagents mix well with minerals, the foam is rich and stable, the recovery index of this flotation cell is 50% ~ 20% higher than that of same type flotation cell.

Xinhai is a professional mineral processing equipment manufacturer in China, who possess a large number of mineral processing EPC project experience and professional research team. If you want to learn more details, please contact us.

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