How to Improve the SF Flotation Machine Impeller Wear Resistant Property

How to Improve the SF Flotation Machine Impeller Wear Resistant Property

2016-06-13 XinHai Views (1152)

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Xinhai produced a wide variety of flotation machines, including inflatable  flotation machine, inflatable mechanical flotation machines and self-absorption  air mechanical flotation machines three types. During operation, the major  costs include depreciation of equipment, energy, wearing parts consumption. The  main vulnerability of consumption is flotation machine impeller and cover  consumption. Currently on the market, SF flotation machine impeller is mainly  made of rubber, the life span is generally 3-8 months, for this defect, Xinhai  made some design improvements.

Xinhai takes the  spraying polyurethane as SF flotation machine impeller production materials.  Spray polyurethane is widely used in mining, electricity, coal and other  industries, which can effectively enhance the abrasion resistance of the  impeller. After using the spray polyurethane wear resistance equipment is seven  times of using the vulcanized rubber material, and is three times of the use of  ultra-high molecular polyethylene material. During flotation processing,  sprayed polyurethane impeller can withstand aggressive medium pH of 3-11, with  a strong anti-corrosion properties. And the use of the impeller of the material  has a very strong adhesion properties, for different metals, non-metallic  substrates it can find a suitable primer and adhesive. Since the spray  polyurethane has a weak sensitivity to moisture and temperature, the  construction is very convenient.

In the design of  SF flotation machine impeller, taking the need of achieving slurry double loop in  the flotation tank, Xinhai use backward double impeller. And there is a larger  gap between the impeller and the cover, largely it enhanced the air intake  amount in the flotation machine. The rotating peripheral speed of the impeller  is slow, it further reduces wear, and extend the life span of SF flotation  machine impeller.

Xinhai, the  production of SF-type mechanical flotation machine, with the improvement of impeller  wear in the actual production applications, it enjoys a high  praise of customers.

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