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Brief introduction of KYF Air-inflation Flotation Cell Design

2016-05-04 XinHai Views (970)

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The KYF Air-inflation Flotation Cell refers to the design of Outokumpu OK flotation machine is widely used in the mineral classifications of ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals and non-metallic mineral. It is widely used for roughing and scavenging in large and medium flotation plants. The following is the brief introduction of KYF Air-inflation Flotation Cell.

When the flotation cell is at work, the rotation of impeller makes ore slurry all around via tank bottom absorbed from the downside of the impeller into inner-vanes of impeller, where low-pressure air produced by the air blower intensive mixes with the slurry via multihole cylindrical air. After fully mixture, the slurry flow pushes from the upper part of impeller to obliquely upward side and goes into the bubble tank via steady flow and orientation by the stator. The mineralization bubbles rise to the foam stability zone, and after concentration process, the foams overflow from the overflow dam into the foam tank. Another part of ore slurry flows toward the lower part of impeller, then through the impeller stirring, they are mixed together to form mineral bubbles again.

The impeller design of The KYF Air-inflation Flotation Cell adopts the cone impeller design with a backward angle, makes the strong agitation capacity, the structure is relatively simple. The Impeller diameter is small and the rotating speed is low, can reduce 30% -50%energy consumption, the wearing parts wear light, and has long service life. The air distributor in Impeller chamber adopts a porous structure to make the air distribute evenly, and get a good effect of air-slurry combined. The Flotation tank uses the U-shaped design make the less precipitation of tailings. The KYF Air-inflation Flotation Cell has good ore particle suspension effect and high flotation index. However, the flotation machine does not have the self-air-suction and self -ore slurry suction function and ladder configuration is in necessity during operation.

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