XCF-16 Flotation Systems and Principle

XCF-16 Flotation Systems and Principle

2016-03-23 XinHai Views (1010)

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Flotation Systems and principle is an important thing. XCF flotation is one common air-inflation mechanical agitation systems, which is used in nonferrous metal mine, black metal mine and nonmetal flotation flow and XCF-16 is the most usual one. Xinhai mining machinery company is a well-known flotation systems manufacture in China. The following is XCF flotation introduction taking Xinhai machine as an example.

Xinhai XCF flotation consists of shape systems, radial direction impeller base type stator, big separation disc impeller with up and down impeller, center cylinder, disc cover, bearing body, connecting a pipe with discharge air, main hollow bear an air control valve and so on. Deep systems have two kinds of open and close type. Bear has two types of base and hanging and is installed the beam to supplying air. XCF-16 flotation made Xinhai has 16m3 effective

volume and the impeller diameter 860mm and the weight 6299kg.

Xinhai XCF flotation has many outstanding features that recovery slurry, disperse air, and double function impeller snifting bubble from systems outside. Because common air-inflation mechanical flotation systems compress low tension air and lower the center vacuum intensity of pressure, thus the machine cannot snift slurry, while XCF flotation adopts to main bear part with air-inflation and mixing and snift slurry which is separated by disc separator. The snifting slurry section includes up vane, disc cover, center column and connects pipe and the air-inflation agitation section is composed of down vane and air distributor. The impeller rotation speed is 160r/min and the air blower pressure should be ???5.5kPa in Xinhai XCF-16 flotation and the maximum inflation volume is 2 m3/(m2·min).

When Xinhai XCF flotation tank is working, slurry in flotation systems is snifted from impeller down vane inner edge to down vane by dynamo driving gearing and hollow main column to rotate. At the same time, the air from outside goes into air distributor under down impeller antrum and into the room between impellers by air distributor micropore, finally, the slurry, agent and air mix completed and is discharged through impeller edge. Middle foam and feeding ore are snifted center column flowing into the room between up vanes and discharged from up vane edge in the end. Xinhai XCF-16 flotation has the capacity that 4~16m3·min with the agitation power 37kW·h and scraper blade power 1.5 kW·h. 

Xinhai XCF flotation systems have the features that high-quality, reasonable price, long life service and sales service, which is the best choice for mining machine manufacture in China.