The Largest Flotation Cell Manufacturer Xinhai, Win by Innovation

The Largest Flotation Cell Manufacturer Xinhai, Win by Innovation

2016-02-24 XinHai Views (965)

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With the development of mining election, the flotation process has been widely used in the non-ferrous metals, ferrous metals, rare metals and non-metallic mineral processing. Thus, research and development and production were also followed. There are many the flotation machine manufacturers, the Xinhai can be called the biggest flotation machine manufacturer, because of their product varieties and complete specifications. The following is a brief introduction.

Xinhai company flotation machine products mainly include inflatable flotation machine, inflatable mechanical flotation machine flotation machine and three categories of self-absorption air machinery. As the largest flotation machine manufacturer, independently innovation in the product is essential. Xinhai independent research and development of energy efficient flotation machine is a specialty product. Energy efficient circular flotation machine is energy efficient flotation devices. Because of the special circular tank design, geometric force uniform, stress concentration defect does not exist, therefore suitable for large-scale development. Compared with the square tank, it has no dead body of the circular tank and no sink. Special equipment structure, so that reducing 15% -20% energy consumptions can be achieved compared to other flotation machine flotation machine with the same specifications. The flotation machine can fully mix the medicine with pulp, and a foam is rich and stable. Compared with the same specifications flotation recoveries can be increased by 1% to 3%, taste concentrate can be increased by 10% -35%.

Xinhai production high efficiency and energy saving circular flotation machine characters high automation degree, and because of using the liquid level, pneumatic, lubrication and other automatic control, it reduces the operating personnel and the intensity of labor. When open or parking the device, it does not need empty the ore, and no scraping bubble device, simple operation, easy maintenance. Flotation tank top can be completely closed to prevent harmful gases into the atmosphere, more security, and environmental protection.

Xinhai is the largest flotation machine manufacturer, which you can trust.