Copper and Molybdenum Flotation Process

What is the Features of Flotation Cells?

2015-12-04 XinHai Views (1019)

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Flotation cells are the vital machines to process magnetite ore, so what are the characteristics of the flotation cells?

Comparing to other flotation cells of magnetite ore processing, flotation cells columns have their obvious features and advantages. It can be seen from the principle operation above, the slurry waiting for being processed and the foam being stimulated will form a countercurrent making the ore particles among the ore slurry fully contact with the bubbles and lowing the rising rate of the bubbles. Then the particles with strong hydrophobic will form the mineralization bubbles and the recovery rate of the flotation cells will improve greatly, which is also the important reason that the flotation column is suitable for processing the magnetite fine ore. The application of the flotation cells column can greatly simplify the process of the flotation cells process, which is benefit from the high efficiency of the flotation column. The high efficiency of the flotation cells column, the less number of the work times and the quantity of the ore slurry waiting for recycling processing, which greatly lowers the management difficulty of the flotation process. For the simple structure of flotation cells column, the operator can adjust the parameters (foam layer thickness and the size and the number of the bubble) more conveniently. And also the maintenance cost is small, the energy consumption is low and the production cost is small. Of course, the flotation column has its defects. For example, the physical and chemical properties have a great influence on the flotation effect. Especially the framework with strong viscosity will cause the residue of the fine ore and deteriorate the flotation effect.