Full-sectional Airlift Micro Bubble Flotation Machine Structure Diagram

Full-sectional Airlift Micro Bubble Flotation Machine Structure Diagram

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Xinhai Mechanical Design and Research Institute has been responsible for Xinhai equipment research and development, design and improvement tasks. Energy saving of Full-sectional its self-developed airlift microbubble flotation machine is up to 50%. It characters good flotation effect, high air and agents utilization, easier to develop the large-scale equipment, small equipment investment, small footprint and low maintenance costs and production costs. The following content is a brief introduction of airlift microbubble flotation machine.

It is the full-sectional airlift microbubble flotation machine structure diagram.

As it can be seen from the airlift microbubble flotation machine structure, the airlift microbubble flotation machine is mainly composed of the feeding end’s the helping election device, the gas chamber, one-way valve, liquid atomizing device, packing area, a discharge end and the foam area and other components. When it works, the need be elected pulp are fed from the upper foam layer, in rough flotation process, an electioneering device is added at the feeding port, which makes pulp, pharmaceuticals are mixed with the high-speed jet, and the easier flotation parts of pulp are chosen surfaced priority.

As can be seen from the flotation machine structure diagram, because of the pulp and the air pressure, the tailings are inhaled from the lower portion of the device nozzle and then discharged from the nozzle at the upper tailings. There are evenly and thickly with an inflatable one-way valve on the full-sectional airlift micro bubble chamber the bottom of the flotation tank. The one-way valve in the pressure air to be Pops open, so that the air enters the tank. When the device stops, the one-way valve will close automatically. Smaller size flotation machine bottom is a flat surface and with an atmospheric chamber. There is a cone beneath large-sized flotation tank bottom to prevent the flotation machine sink.

The full-sectional airlift microbubble flotation machine is fully cross-sectional airlift to the pressurized air, generated by the one-way valve microbubbles into the air while using atomized manner to the flotation reagents. This patented design of Xinhai virtually can make all of mineral particles and agents, bubble full attachment. In actual production, because of less flotation reagent and good flotation effects, it won many customers praises.