How to choose flotation machine impeller preference

How to choose flotation machine impeller preference

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Flotation impeller is crucial in the mechanical agitation structure of flotation parts. It functions slurry to agitate cycle and snift and makes the air homodisperse. At the same time, the impeller design influences the alveolar suspending power and the air dispersing power. The following is the introduction of impeller preferences.

Use the table of contents below to navigate through the guide:

01Choosing the impeller structure

Flotation machine impeller structure is designed according to the cycling route which is effected by the ore grain suspension state. While the ore grain is related to the flotation cell structure and ore characteristic. As deep the cell, we usually adopt large cycle flow, and as wide the cell, we need to enlarge the impeller peripheral speed.

If the slurry is easy to the setting, we can choose "W" cycle route to agitate the slurry intensively, and now choose tapered impeller or rod. Generally, we choose "U" line, and cycling slurry flow into the impeller from the above and below. If the machine is snifting by itself in the deep cell, the main impeller can be installed two extra working impellers to form double cycling line.

02The impeller rotation speed

The speed is one important factor to influence flotation performance, and the flotation linear velocity is decided by impeller diameter and rotates speed. The flotation has an effect on flotation machine inspiratory capacity, alveolar dispersing degree, stirring intensity, the maximum suction volume, and flotation power and so on. In order to agitate the slurry in the flotation cell and have no fast speed in the cell, flotation impeller peripheral speed usually is limited 5-7 meters per second.

According to the above ways to choose impeller, the mixing power is moderation, the foam layer is stable, and the impeller has a long service life, thus whole flotation performance is promoted. Xinhai mining machinery have these advantages and get a high praise in practice.

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