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The Structure Characteristics of Air-Inflation Flotation

2015-10-27 XinHai Views (1013)

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Xinhai can produce various flotation cells complete in specifications, including three types that Air-inflation flotation, Air-inflation mechanical agitation flotation, and Snifting mechanical agitation flotation. Total cross-section microvesicle flotation made by Xinhai is the main representative of air-inflation flotation. The following is a brief introduction of air-inflation float cells structure.

The most outstanding feature of Air-inflation flotation structure is having no mechanical agitation cells and no drive disc assembly. Adopting to the inflator, we can control the size of foam by adjusting inflator structure, and then foam and slurry mix in countercurrent. This float column is commonly used to process high-grade ore in scavenging and roughing. The float cells made by Xinhai adopt to total cross-section compressing air through microvesicle to bring air and add agent in pulverization way thus enlarge the contacting square of ore grain and agent and foam and improve flotation efficiency.

From the above, we can summarize that the quick-wear part is single direction valve, which mixes slurry by a lot of air that air-suspending way. After having used Xinhai wear-resistant rubber, the abrasion to single valve decrease greatly as a result that the cost of service is less. Besides this float cells center without power agitation cells is obviously energy-saving, and the float cells center can be produced according to customers demand, not only benefiting to cells development to big model and decreasing the investment to equipment.

Xinhai total cross-section air-lifting microvesicle flotation has national patent and is praised highly in public.