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3 Important Points before Running Flotation Machine

2022-05-13 XinHai Views (662)

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In the ore beneficiation process, the flotation separation process is sometimes selected according to the physical and chemical properties of the mineral particle surface. At this time, a flotation machine is required. In order to ensure the normal and efficient operation of the flotation cell, the inspection before starting the flotation machine is very necessary. Here are inspections of the three parts before operating the flotation machine. By checking these three parts, the flotation machine can perform the flotation process efficiently and normally.

The three parts of the inspection before the operation of the flotation machine include machine body part inspection, transmission part inspection and electrical part inspection. The specific inspection operations are as follows:

flotation machine structure

Use the table of contents below to navigate through the guide:

01Machine body inspection

1. For the whole flotation machine, the first we need to check is whether the screws on the frame, motor base and main bearing are loose. No looseness is normal. If it is loose, tighten it immediately. If the loose screws are not tightened, abnormal noises will occur during the operation of the flotation machine, which may even cause the suspension of the flotation operation.

2. The second is to check whether there is leakage in the tank of the flotation machine. No leakage is normal. If there is leakage, please stop the operation of flotation cell immediately, and find the leaking place in the tank to repair it. The flotation process can only be continued after the repair is completed. This can reduce the waste of ore material.

3. Next, you need to check whether the slurry pipeline is blocked. No blockage is normal. If there is blockage, the pipeline needs to be emptied immediately for cleaning. Otherwise, it will affect the normal operation of the flotation machine, and also affect the efficiency of the entire ore beneficiation production line.

4. Before running the flotation machine, you need to check whether the scraper and the scraper shaft are in good condition. The scraper is particularly important in the flotation process, its function is to select the concentrate or remove impurities. If there is any defect, it will affect the recovery rate and flotation efficiency of the entire ore. Therefore, the scraper of the flotation machine is also the focus of the body inspection.

5. Before starting the flotation machine, you should make sure that the various lubrication points of the machine are lubricated daily. This is an important factor to ensure the stable operation of the flotation machine. If not, please lubricate each part of the flotation machine according to the lubrication standard.

6. For the inflatable flotation machine, you also need to check whether the intake pipe and suction pipe of the flotation machine are blocked. No blockage is normal. If there is a blockage, it is necessary to stop the work of the flotation machine immediately and clean the air pipe. Only in this way can the normal operation of the flotation process be ensured.

The above is the inspection content of the body part. Details make a difference. A slight problem in each part of the flotation machine may affect its working efficiency. Therefore, the flotation machine body inspection is very necessary.

flotation cell transmission part

02Transmission part inspection

1. Check whether the tightness of the triangular tape is appropriate. The triangular tape is too loose and may cause the flotation machine to run poorly. The triangular tape is too tight, and the tape may break due to excessive tension, causing the machine to stop working. Therefore, the inspection of the triangular tape is very important.

2. The second need to check is whether the belt wheel rotates normally. The inspection method is: rotate the large triangle tape wheel with hand for more than one circle to see if it rotates. It is normal that the tape wheel can rotate.

3. The third part of the transmission part needs to be checked whether the triangle belt wheel is loose. No looseness is normal. If there is any looseness, please stop the machine immediately to check, and adjust the position of the V-belt wheel until there is no looseness.

The above three parts are transmission part inspection work of the flotation machine. From the above, we can understand that the triangular tape and triangular tape wheel are very important to the flotation machine. Therefore, check the transmission components on the flotation machine daily to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

floation cell scraper in working site

03Electrical part inspection

The inspection of electrical components can be divided into two parts, the details are as follows:

1. Check whether the wiring screws of each part are firm, and whether the switches of each potential are in good contact. Checking this part is to ensure that the flotation machine will not stop due to short circuit during operation.

2. The second is to check whether the pointer of the electrical instrument panel is working normally. Only when the meter is working properly can you fully understand that each step in the flotation process is working properly.

The content above is the three-part inspection work before the flotation machine is turned on. Only sufficient preparations can ensure the normal operation of the flotation machine during the working process. There will be no problems such as the reduction of flotation efficiency due to abnormal parts. In the ore flotation separation process, we may encounter various problems. Only by starting from the details, can avoid some avoidable problems and ensure the production efficiency of mineral processing.