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Three reasons for gear wear in the rod mill machine and their solutions

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Rod mill machine is one of the commonly used grinding equipment in concentrators. In the application process, some problems will appear more or less after running for a long time. Recently, a concentrator found the gear wear problem of the rod mill machine, said that the pitting phenomenon occurred on the tooth surface of the big gear. In order to ensure the steady running of the rod mill machine for a long time, this concentrator owner wanted to solve this problem and prevent the gear fracture caused by wear expansion.

rod mill machine

In fact, wear is inevitable in the process of rod mill machine operation. Its wear mechanisms are different, and the corresponding solutions are not the same. Let's know the reasons and solutions for gear wear of rod mill machine.

01Slurry leakage of cylinder bolt

In the long production process, the cylinder bolt rod mill machine becomes loose, resulting in the slurry leakage into the wheel guard. It destroys the oil film on the contact surface of the big and small gears and leads to tooth surface damage caused by the wear of the tooth surface.


Aiming at the gear wear of rod mill machine caused by loose and leakage of cylinder bolt, the bolt of cylinder lining plate should be reformed.

In the course of running, the steel rod vibrates and loosens the cylinder bolt, which makes the regular deformation of the sealing rubber and sealing film, and then leads to the seal failure. Therefore, reducing the size of the sealing circle and increasing the thickness of the sealing ring can not only increase the thickness of the elastic sealing ring but also improve the compression quantity of bolts (from 3 mm to 6 mm). what’s more, the elastic gasket is protected by the sleeve, which is not easy to weathering and deforms, has less contact with the atmosphere, and longer service life.

In addition, it is suggested to select a groove-designed seal ring for the cylinder seal ring of the rod mill machine. This kind of seal ring has a good sealing effect, which can fundamentally solve the bolt loosening problem, thus reducing the material leakage and avoiding wear of tooth surface caused by material leakage.

rod mill machine

02Poor lubrication effect of gear tooth surface

The reason why the lubrication effect of the tooth surface is poor is that the tooth surface does not form a good lubricating oil film, which cannot protect the tooth surface of the gear normally, thus causing the tooth surface wear.

Generally, under the action of contact stress, the fatigue cracks will be formed on the surface of the friction pair or at a certain depth below the surface if the stress exceeds the corresponding contact fatigue limit of the material. As the cracks expand and connect with each other, the metal particles will fall off from the working surface of the parts, resulting in pitting-shaped damage on the surface of the part.


To solve the problem of poor lubrication effect of the tooth surface, the following three aspects can be adopted:

1. Change the spray lubrication grease of gear to 10% solid graphite containing M-Fluid semi-synthetic oil, which can ensure that there is still solid graphite at the joint of the tooth surface to guarantee the lubrication effect in case of oil cut off for a period of time;

2. Adjust the injection nozzle position of the tooth surface to make the nozzle spray to the load surface of the gear group, and adjust the injection frequency as the 30s/30min. On the premise of not increasing the consumption, extending the interval time and injection time of the shed can guarantee the full coverage of injection on the tooth surface, so as to enhance the lubrication of the gear surface.

3. Repair the wear or pitting position on the tooth surface. The angle grinding machine can be used to polish the pitting position on the tooth surface, which can prevent a little erosion and partial load tooth surface from tooth surface erosion phenomenon due to the invasion of lubricating oil.

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03Inaccurate centering and alignment of tooth surface

In the operation process, the inaccurate centering and alignment of the tooth surface may cause the gear decentration, resulting in partial load on the contact part of the tooth surface, and the eccentric wear on the tooth surface.


The rod mill operator should carry out the daily inspection and regular recheck on the big and small gears of the rod mill machine. When the problem occurs, it is necessary to adjust the side clearance of the big and small gears (1.4~2.18mm spacing appropriate). Meanwhile, it is necessary to ensure that the clearance of the left and right ends is consistent, and the temperature difference between the two sides of the tooth surface should not exceed 1℃ in the operation process.

rod mill machine

These are the main causes of gear wear in the rod mill machine and their corresponding solutions. In the production process, sometimes the gear wear of the rod mill is caused by a single reason or multiple reasons. In order to prolong the service life of rod mill gear, it is necessary to establish a perfect equipment operation management system and strengthen the equipment spot inspection, thus ensuring the stable operation of the rod mill machine.

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