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The common eight failures of the press filter machine and their solutions!

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Press filter machine is a kind of filtration equipment for the solid-liquid separation of all kinds of suspension, which is often used in the concentrate and tailings dehydration of concentrators. After a long time of operation, most concentrators will more or less encounter various faults, which not only affect the normal operation of the whole concentrator, but also damage the economic benefits of each concentrator.

press filter machine

So, what are the common failures of the press filter machine in the daily operation? And how should we solve them? Here are eight common problems of press filter machine and their corresponding solutions.

01The plate frame of the press filter machine itself is damaged

The main reasons for the damage of the plate and frame are as follows: when the mud is too thick or there is a dry block left, it is easy to cause the blockage of the feed port, and the pressure between the filter plate only exists in the hydraulic system itself. At this time, the plate itself is extremely easy to be damaged due to long time pressure. When the feeding material is insufficient or contains the improper solid particles, it will also cause the excessive force or damage the plate and frame itself. If the flow outlet is blocked by solids or the feeding valve or discharge valve is closed when starting, the pressure will cause the damage of the plate and frame at this time. If the filter plate is not cleaned thoroughly, it may lead to media leakage. Once the leakage, the edge of the plate frame will be impacted out of a small groove, a large number of medium leakage is bound to cause the pressure cannot be increased, so that the mud cake cannot be formed.

press filter machine


1. Use the cleaning scraper made of nylon to carefully eliminate the mud at the feed port;

2. Reduce the volume of the filter plate;

3. Carefully check whether there is a problem with the press cloth, then check whether the cleaning outlet is smooth, the outlet is smooth, and open the corresponding pressure valve to release the pressure;

4. Carefully clean and repair the filter plate.

02Water seepage between frame of filter press

When the hydraulic pressure is low, there are wrinkles, cracks on the press cloth or block-like unidentified objects on the sealing surface, the water seepage phenomenon is easy to occur between the frame of the press filter machine at this time.


1. Correspondingly increase the hydraulic pressure;

2. Replace the press cloth in time once there are wrinkles or gaps on the press cloth;

3. Use the nylon scraper to remove the unknown block on the sealing surface in time.

03Uneven filter cake or difficult to form filter cake

The uneven distribution of the filter cake is easy to occur when the feed particle size is too small, the concentration is too low, the feed is insufficient or the outlet is blocked, which leads the filter cake is difficult to form.

press filter machine


1. Improve the material supply, increase or decrease the material supply appropriately according to the actual situation;

2. Timely clean the blockages, feed holes, drainage holes, press cloth, and replace the press cloth if necessary;

3. Increase the pressure or pump power, start the press filter machine at a low pressure and constantly pressurize.

04The filter plate moves slowly or fall off easily

Sometimes, too much oil stains and stains on the guide rod will cause the filter plate move slowly, and even may fall off, which are very dangerous.


1. Clean the oil stains and stains on the guide rod in time, apply butter to ensure its lubricity, so as to avoid the accidents;

2. It is strictly prohibited to put thin oil on the guide rod. Too much thin oil easily lead the operator of the press filter machine to fall down.

05The filter press makes an abnormal noise

The reasons for the abnormal noise of press filter machine are as follows: first, the motor ageing, and the load is unbearable. Second, the high-pressure oil pump (generally plunger pump) is damaged. Third, the couplings are not properly aligned when the hydraulic station is installed. The improper placement of the coupling leads the motor to swing too much, and the load is increased, thus making the abnormal sound.

press filter machine


1. If the motor ageing seriously, replace the motor;

2. If the hydraulic oil is abnormal or the service life is long, it is easy to cause the plunger damage, so please replace it in time;

3. Recalibrate the coupling.

06The flow of hydraulic system is insufficient

The reasons for insufficient flow of the hydraulic system are as follows: the oil pump does not discharge the oil; The setting pressure of sequence valve is too low or the spool is stuck in the opening position; the oil filter is blocked; The oil tank level is too low, and the oil pump is empty; the viscosity of hydraulic oil is too large, and the oil absorption is difficult; the pump parts wear seriously, the pressure flow cannot reach the rated value.


1. Overhaul the oil pump;

2. Overhaul the sequence valve;

3. Clean the oil filter;

4. Timely recharge the oil;

5. Change the oil or increase the oil temperature;

6. Repair or replace the oil pump in time.

07The press filter machine produces the shotcrete phenomenon

When the filter plate frame sealing surface is clamped into the material cake, the press cloth is damaged, cannot meet the sealing requirements or the feed concentration is too low, it is easy to appear the shotcrete phenomenon.

press filter machine


1. Clean or replace the press cloth;

2. Appropriately increase the feeding concentration to 500g/L.

08Electrical fault

The wire is easy to fall off, the wiring is wrong, the parts contact is bad or the parts have been damaged, the screw is not reliable. These problems will lead to electrical failure.


1. Electrical personnel must master the solid knowledge of electrical principles, and properly master the basic principles and systems of the press filter machine, so that the electrical problem of the press filter machine can be solved in time when it occurs;

2. Electrical personnel need to accurately judge the electrical fault points according to the fault performance, so as to clean, repair or replace, and ensure that the electrical contacts are reliable;

3. The electrical personnel should inspect the parts prone to problems as priority, ensuring the maintenance speed and avoiding the unnecessary losses.

press filter machine

The above is the common failure in the operation of the press filter machine. Due to the different working environment and intensity, the failure cause of press filter machine will be different. It is recommended to purchase the press filter machine from the professional equipment manufacturer. When the filter press fails, the operator needs to analyze the problems specifically and troubleshoot the problems. If it encounters complex and difficult to troubleshoot the problems, it is suggested to consult the press filter machine manufacturer timely.

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