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Malaysia 550TPD Lead-Zinc Ore Flotation Plant Contracted by Xinhai

2022-07-06 XinHai Views (619)

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Recently, the 550TPD lead-zinc ore flotation plant of CNMC Corporation of Malaysia, which was built by Xinhai, has been put into operation successfully. As early as 2017, Xinhai undertook for 700TPD gold mine CIL concentrator project of this company. The project took only six months from the agreement to production, achieving a 95% gold recovery rate. The re-cooperation with CNMC Company in Malaysia will also further promote the whole mining industry chain service (EPC+M+O) to penetrate into the Malaysian mining market and broaden the mining development of Xinhai in Malaysia.

xinhai ore flotation cell machine in ore dressing plant

Use the table of contents below to navigate through the guide:

01Project overview

Ore properties: lead-zinc ore, with high ore oxidation rate and more ore mud

Processing capacity: 550tpd

Process flow: crushing and screening - one-stage ball mill two-stage classification grinding process - lead flotation operation - two-stage flotation zinc concentrate - tailings dry stacking

02Xinhai solution

01 E-Mine Design and research

Xinhai Mining Research Institute conducts beneficiation test according to the ore samples provided by the project, and provides the beneficiation test report. Xinhai Mine Design Institute conducts a comprehensive overall design of the mine based on the test results. It includes the design of the construction drawing of the concentrator (including the design of the production workshop of the concentrator), the professional design of water supply and drainage, electric power, civil engineering, general drawing and so on.

working ore flotation machine for ore separation process

02 P- Equipment Manufacturing and procurement

Xinhai also has perfect equipment research and development, customization, design and improvement services. Mechanical design and research institute in Xinhai according to the equipment needs, customizes equipment for customers, and the corresponding technical improvement, greatly improve the production efficiency.

03 C-Equipment Commissioning and Delivery

Under the influence of the epidemic, Xinhai equipment installation and debugging team is brave enough to overcome the difficulties.If conditions permit, the team went to the factory selection site in the first time to participate in and manage the equipment installation and commissioning of the project and provide professional maintenance and training services.

xinhai efficiency ball mill machinery for ore dressing

03Project Highlights

01 According to local conditions, customization design

Starting from the actual situation of the customer's ore dressing plant, Xinhai designs "Mining Whole Industry Chain Service (EPC+M+O)", and provides customers with "ore beneficiation test, ore dressing process, equipment selection, mine design, equipment customization" links without seam to connect whole industry chain service.

02 Track the raw ore and adjust the medicine at any time

With the operation of the project, the properties of the raw ore are constantly changing, and there are differences with the ore samples, and the oxidation rate of the ore is relatively high. According to the actual situation, Xinhai technical staff will increase the flotation reagent in time to ensure that the recovery rate of the separation plant meets the standard and the process equipment runs stably.

high efficiency agitation tank for ore dressing

03 optimize the process and save the equipment cost

The trapezoidal cable bridge used in the flotation steel platform of this project is welded with galvanized steel pipe by the personnel of Xinhai Mine Design Institute according to the actual situation on site. On the basis of determining the quality and quantity of all cable trays, the equipment cost can be greatly reduced.

Since the "Belt and Road" initiative, international cooperation in the field of mineral resources has shown strong vitality. Xinhai seizes every new opportunity of "going out". The 550tpd lead-zinc ore flotation plant is second service project of Xinhai in the Malaysian market. Xinhai will definitely live up to the trust of customers and achieve the goal with high quality and high efficiency! In the future, Xinhai will also take the responsibility of spreading the correct concept and method of mine construction, promote Xinhai solutions, and provide global customers with more complete, professional and in-place mining industry chain services (EPC+M+O), strive to build a community with a shared future for global mining development.