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The Importance of Minerals Test in Ore Beneficiation Process

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Mineral resources are relatively abundant in nature and there are many types of minerals. Some minerals contain less useful components and have more complex mineral compositions, requiring a beneficiation process to obtain products with high quality and high content of useful minerals. The mineral processing process plays an important role in the quality and efficiency of mineral processing. The determination of the beneficiation process needs to be based on the results of the minerals beneficiation test, so the test plays an important role in gravity separation, flotation, magnetic and electrical separation and comprehensive beneficiation processes. The following will introduce you to the status and application of mineral beneficiation tests in various mineral processing processes.

01Mineral processing test in gravity beneficiation process

There are four main steps in the gravity separation test: study of sample properties, heavy liquid separation test, determination of the upper limit of particle size and result prediction of the gravity separation test, gravity separation test and results.

shaker for ore gravity separation

(1) Study the properties of the sample: The raw ore sampled from the mining site needs to be crushed, screened and divided for sample preparation. After the raw ore is divided into several samples, the composition, physical and chemical properties of the ore are then studied and analyzed.

(2) Gravity separation test: A certain amount of raw ore is wet screened, and the obtained minerals of each particle size are subjected to a gravity separation test.

(3) Determination of the upper limit of the particle size of the gravity selection test and prediction of the results: for each particle size of the screened product, from coarse to fine, the content of flakes and strips gradually increases. The trend of ore sample gravity separation results can be predicted based on the gravity separation results and particle analysis results. Therefore, gravity separation can discard part of the tailings and select part of the concentrate, and the resulting middlings need to be flotated again.

(4) Gravity separation tests and results: No matter which gravity separation method is chosen, in theory, the narrower the range of raw ore selected, the better. In production practice, multiple and narrow granularity levels will lead to a complicated selection process and an increase in the number of equipment. A reasonable and efficient mineral beneficiation process can be formulated based on the results of the mineral processing test.

flotation cell machine designed for ore processing

02Mineral processing test in flotation beneficiation process

The flotation separation test is divided into three steps: studying the properties of the ore sample, test content and results, and organizing and optimizing the test process.

(1) Study the properties of ore samples: Studying the properties of ore mainly includes ore type, structural characteristics, ore composition and chemical composition analysis of raw ore, etc.

(2) Test content and results: According to the different properties of different ores, from the perspective of improving the taste and quality of the concentrate, rough selection condition tests and stage grinding stage separation tests can be designed.

(3) Arrangement and optimization of test process: Conducting comprehensive tests on ores can determine a reasonable selection process. Conducting closed-circuit tests on the basis of open circuits can verify the feasibility of mineral processing tests. The recovery rate and concentrate loss rate of the test process are then analyzed to determine whether the beneficiation test was successful.

ore magnetic separation machine from xinhai

03Mineral processing test in magnetic beneficiation process

The magnetic separation test is divided into two steps: study of mineral sample properties and mineral separation test research.

(1) Study the properties of mineral samples: mainly determine the mineral composition, analyze mineral phases, and determine the main mineral characteristics.

(2) Ore dressing test research: Determine the magnetic separation process and recovery plan based on the properties and characteristics of the ore sample. The ore sample is subjected to a grinding fineness test, and the appropriate grinding fineness can be selected based on various other factors. The strength of the roughing magnetic field has an impact on the grade and recovery rate of iron concentrate, so it is necessary to determine the strength of the roughing magnetic field. A regrinding test is carried out on the coarse concentrate, the tailings after rough separation are swept, and then the composition of the final tailings is detected and analyzed.

ore gravity separating system

04Mineral processing test in joint ore beneficiation process

The joint mineral separation test is divided into three steps: studying the properties of the mineral sample, determining the test process and determining the recommended process.

(1) Study the properties of mineral samples: mainly analyze the mineral composition and relative content in the mineral samples and analyze the main elements. If necessary, spectral analysis can be performed to identify harmful impurities.

(2) Determine the test process flow: The analysis results of raw ore properties can provide a theoretical basis for the determination of the mineral processing process and sequence.

(3) Determine the recommended process flow: The properties of raw ore and the results of gravity separation and flotation test studies are important basis for determining the reasonable mineral processing process flow.

mineral beneficiation in xinhai

The above are the steps and functions of mineral processing tests in different mineral processing processes. Mineral test results can provide a theoretical basis for determining the mineral processing process. In addition, mineral processing tests are the prerequisite for mineral processing in production practice. Therefore, mineral processing test is an important step in the mineral beneficiation process and occupies an important position.

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