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Ilmenite Gravity, Magnetic and Flotation Mineral Separation Technology

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Most titanium resources in nature exist in the form of ilmenite. At present, titanium metal and titanium alloy products are increasingly used due to their good properties. In order to improve the utilization rate of ferrotitanium resources, it is very important to choose a more scientific and reasonable mineral separation process. The following will introduce you to several commonly used ilmenite beneficiation processes.

01Ilmenite gravity mineral separation process

After preliminary and further crushing, the ilmenite is passed through gravity separation equipment such as spiral chute and shaking table to remove a large amount of gangue minerals and sludge in the ore. This gravity separation process is mainly suitable for coarse-grained disseminated and fine-grained collective dissipated ilmenite. Applying this method can achieve a higher enrichment ratio, and the lower limit of the recovered ore size can be as low as 0.02mm. The beneficiation effect far exceeds the traditional mineral separation method.

ore gravity separation system

02Ilmenite magnetic mineral separation process

Ilmenite is a weakly magnetic mineral and has greater magnetization under the same volume and size. When magnetic separation is performed, if the magnetic field strength is not enough, some useful minerals will be thrown away, thereby reducing the utilization rate of the minerals. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the magnetic field strength when magnetically separating ilmenite, so that the ore and gangue minerals can be effectively separated and the mineral processing index can be achieved. Magnetic separation technology is commonly used in ilmenite beneficiation. If the ore contains a large amount of impurities and sludge, after the ore undergoes primary grinding, a relatively weak magnetic field is first used to separate the iron ore, and then a relatively strong magnetic field is used to select the titanium ore.

ore magnetic separation

03Ilmenite conventional flotation mineral separation process

During flotation, adding appropriate chemicals (such as oleic acid, oxidized paraffin soap, tar oil and new collectors) can improve the beneficiation effect and efficiency.

Oil and soap collectors: This type of collector is widely used in mineral processing practice. Its collection effect is good, but its dosage is large.

mineral processing test

Oxidized paraffin soap: This collector is obtained after the oxidation and saponification of paraffin. This collector is widely available and affordable. To a certain extent, it can replace oleic acid and its soaps. However, the mineral processing efficiency of this type of collector is poor, and the taste of the selected minerals obtained is unstable.

Tar oil is the acidified product of Tar saponification. Compared with oxidized paraffin soap, the ore obtained by using this type of collector is more stable in taste, but it needs to be emulsified before use to ensure its collection effect.

New collector: Compared with conventional collectors, new collectors do not require emulsification and have good selectivity, and have better separation effects for minerals that are difficult to separate.

04Ilmenite flocculation and flotation process

There are two main types of flocculation and flotation methods: hydrophobic flocculation and flotation and selective flocculation and flotation.

ore flotation separation processing

Hydrophobic flocculation method: utilize the interaction between hydrophobic particles in the water, causing these particles to attract each other and agglomerate into clusters, and then separate the formed clusters.

Selective flocculation method: This method mainly involves the situation where the mixture contains more than two minerals. First, one of the minerals is individually agglomerated, and then gradually separated, thereby achieving effective separation of different minerals.

05Ilmenite agglomeration and flotation mineral separation process

The agglomeration flotation technology of ilmenite first uses a collector to adsorb on the surface of ilmenite to make it hydrophobic. Subsequently, the capillary attraction of the bridge liquid is used to promote the mineral particles to aggregate into clusters. After the ore particles float, the sorting operation is carried out. During the entire agglomeration and flotation process, the intensity and strength of stirring are crucial. They can ensure that the ore particles are more likely to agglomerate into agglomerates, thereby achieving efficient and precise mineral processing.

flotation system for mineral minerals processing

06Ilmenite carrier flotation mineral separation process

Carrier flotation is an advanced mineral separation technology that uses particle-sized minerals with flotation capabilities as carriers to carry finer ilmenite particles to the water surface to achieve effective separation. In the separation of fine-grained minerals, the carrier flotation method shows particularly excellent results. However, this method still faces some technical problems that need to be solved, so it has not been widely used in practical applications.

The above is a brief introduction to the ilmenite mineral separation process. In actual production, selection needs to be based on the properties of the ore and production requirements. Choosing a reasonable mineral processing method can improve the utilization rate of ilmenite resources, the grade of concentrate and the overall benefit of the mineral processing plant. If necessary, please feel free to consult Xinhai Mining.

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