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How to Improve Gold Ore Recovery Rate?

2023-09-20 XinHai Views (446)

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As an important precious metal, the development and utilization of gold ore has great value. In the process of mineral processing, the recovery rate of gold ore is one of the very important indicators. The factors affecting the recovery rate of gold ore include the characteristics of gold mine, gold ore processing process and the management and operation of gold mine concentrator. In this paper, we will explore how they affect the gold mine recovery from these three aspects.

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01Gold ore characteristics


The recovery rate of gold ore concentration is affected by the degree of gold ore petrochemical in the ore. The existence form of gold in ore (free gold, gold telluride, etc.) and the characteristics of gold particle size and distribution will affect the recovery rate of mineral processing.

Other mineral components in the ore also have some influence on the gold extraction. Some special minerals or harmful elements (such as arsenic, copper, etc.) may have harmful effects on gold extraction and reduce the recovery rate.

The physical properties of the ore include the particle size, density and hardness of the ore. These physical properties can affect the crushing, grinding and classifying operations during mineral processing, thus affecting the recovery rate.

The chemical properties of the ore include the acid and alkalinity, oxidation and reducibility of the ore. These chemical properties can affect gold solubility and extraction efficacy.

02Gold ore mineral processing technology

The selection and operation of beneficiation process have important influence on gold recovery,  including the optimization and control of crushing, grinding, flotation, gravity, dehydration and other processes. The selection and operation of beneficiation process have an important influence on the recovery rate of gold ore, which is embodied in the following aspects:

mineral processing machine used on spot

1 Crushing and grinding:

Crushing and grinding is the crushing of the ore to a suitable particle size for subsequent dressing operations. Proper crushing and grinding can improve the exposure and buoyability of gold mines, thus improving recovery. Excessive crushing and overgrinding can cause overfine gold particles and reduce recovery rates.

2 Flotation:

Flotation is the process of separating gold mine particles from other mineral particles by air bubbles. The key to flotation is to select suitable agents and bubbles, and to control the flotation conditions. The selection and addition amount of the agent, the size and distribution of bubbles, stirring strength and other factors will affect the flotation effect and recovery rate.

3 Gravity separation

Gravity separation is the process of separating gold mine particles from other mineral particles through the mechanical action of gravity, buoyancy and centrifugal force. The key to gravity separation is to select the appropriate gravity separation equipment and control operation parameters. Reasonable selection of reselection equipment and control operation parameters can improve the separation effect and recovery rate of gold mine.

4 Dehydration:

Dehydration is the process of removing water from the water-content materials produced in the mineral processing process. Proper dehydration can improve the concentration and desiccation of gold mines, thus improving the recovery rate.

03Gold ore concentrator management and operation

The management and operation of concentrator have important influence on gold recovery. Here are some management-and operations-related factors:

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1. Equipment and process selection:

The equipment and process selection of the concentrator have a direct effect on the recovery rate of the gold mine. Choosing the equipment and processes such as crushing, grinding, flotation and gravity separation suitable for ore characteristics and beneficiation targets can improve the recovery rate.

2. Operation control and monitoring:

The concentrator needs to carry out operation control and monitoring, timely find and solve the process problems and equipment faults, to ensure the stability and efficiency of the gold mine mineral processing process, so as to improve the recovery rate.

3. Quality management and quality control:

The concentrator needs to establish a sound quality management system to ensure that the quality of ore and products meets the requirements. Quality control includes ore sampling, laboratory analysis and other links to accurately assess the recovery rate of gold deposits.

gold ore beneficiation project

To sum up, improving the recovery rate of gold mine requires starting from many aspects, including reasonably selecting the process flow, optimizing the ore processing parameters, strengthening the ore pretreatment, selecting efficient equipment and improving the quality of ore processing personnel. At the same time, the beneficiation test also plays an irreplaceable role in improving the recovery rate of gold mine, which provides an important scientific basis and technical support for the actual production. Through an in-depth understanding of the nature of gold mines, the selection of appropriate beneficiation process and equipment configuration, the strengthening of the maintenance of equipment and the training of operators, the recovery rate of gold mines can be effectively improved, and the dual goals of effective utilization of resources and environmental protection can be realized.