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Mineral Processing Experiment - What Does Flotation Experiment Involves?

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In mineral processing solution, flotation has a large application. It is complicated. There are many factors influencing flotation technology, including ore characteristics, grinding fineness, slurry concentration, pharmacy system and so on. The flotation effect is closely related to these factors. At the same time, the flotation flow solutions are multiple, such as fully mixed flotation, part mixed flotation, asynchronous flotation, and priority flotation. A flotation experiment is essential to ensure the suitable processing condition, to customize reasonable flotation flow, and obtain the ideal recovery result.

In the flotation experiment, the main content includes mineral processing scheme determination, ensuing the primary and secondary relationship of influencing factors and influencing level, ensuring the ideal processing condition, and ensuring the mineral processing indexes and other technology indexes. Among them, five aspects are important: grinding and classification fineness, reagent types and amount, agitation time and flotation time, flow structure, flotation concentration and so on. They have an important influence on this.

01Grinding classification fineness

Grinding classification fineness is the key factor influencing the mineral monomer dissociation. Suitable mineral monomer dissociation is the important basic of requiring good flotation indexes. Therefore, ensuring the grinding classification fineness in the experiment is essential. However, the grinding particle size should not be too small. It consumes much flotation reagent and not easy to recover micro-fine minerals, even reducing the flotation recovery index.

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02The types and amount of reagents

In flotation process, the separation of different minerals depends on the floatability differences. Through the adjustment of a suitable reagent, the floatability difference can be adjusted, which is also the key point of the flotation experiment. According to different ore characteristics, the choice of reagents is different. At the same time, different medicaments have different recovery effects under different pH conditions. The dosage of the medicament has a significant impact on the recovery effect. In the flotation experiment, through the different combinations of reagents attempt, the reasonable combination of collector, inhibitor and the medium regulator can be determined. And the dosage can be determined as well.

03The agitation time and flotation time

They can be determined in the small-scale flotation test stage. In agitation stage of flotation pulp and reagent, the agitation time is a controllable variable which has an important influence on the flotation effect. Generally, the longer the mixing time, the more fully the effect of the slurry and the agent. The flotation time has a large influence on the recovery grade. The longer the flotation time is, the more the amount of foam scraped by the flotation machine and the higher the concentrate grade. However, if they are too long, the energy is wasted. Therefore, ensuring suitable agitating time and flotation time in the flotation experiment is important.

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04Flow structure

There are many choices on flow structure, including open-circuit flotation, close-circuit flotation and so on. The flotation flow structure is the key point in improving mineral processing efficiency. The suitable flow structure can effectively improve the concentrate grade and recovery rate. Different minerals are suitable with different flotation flow. Determining the appropriate beneficiation process through the flotation test can ensure the comprehensive recovery effect of various minerals.

05Flotation concentration

The flotation concentration is determined by small scale flotation experiment. Pulp concentration plays a key role in improving the recovery rate and grade of concentrate. As the concentration increases, the concentrate recovery rate increases, but the concentrate grade decreases, and the flotation reagent consumption will increase. Conversely, the flotation concentration decreases the concentrate grade increases, the consumption of reagents decreases, but the recovery rate decreases. On this basis, the ideal flotation concentration should be determined by economic efficiency to balance the concentrate recovery rate and grade.

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The above are the six important aspects of the flotation test. In the actual production situation, these aspects have a significant impact on the flotation index and the efficiency of the flotation plant. Therefore, the flotation test should be carried out before the construction of the flotation plant. Reasonable flotation plan to achieve ideal economic benefits.