Pb-Zn Processing Technology

Common Questions About Pb-Zn Processing Technology

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Lead-zinc ore is a kind of refractory ore among many minerals. Generally speaking, lead-zinc ore is more poor ores than rich ores, and the associated components are more complex. How to separate lead-zinc ore is still a research topic.

At present, the lead-zinc minerals available for industrial use are galena and sphalerite, and also include sphalerite, white lead ore, etc., which can be divided into sulfide lead-zinc ore, oxidized lead-zinc ore and mixed lead-zinc ore according to the degree of oxidation. In this paper, the separation technology of lead - zinc ore is studied according to the oxidation degree of lead - zinc ore.

lead zinc flotation process

Lead-zinc sulfide is easy to be selected from lead-zinc sulfide and lead-zinc oxide. Lead-zinc sulfide often contains galena, sphalerite, pyrite, chalcopyrite, the main minerals of Mars is calcite, quartz, dolomite, mica, chlorite and so on. In the selection of the grinding process, according to the intercalation of useful minerals such as lead and zinc, it can be roughly divided into one grinding process and many grinding processes. A grinding process is used to deal with lead-zinc sulfide ore with coarse grain size or simple symbiosis. For lead-zinc sulfide ores with complex intercalation relationships or fine particle size, multi-stage grinding process is adopted. For lead-zinc sulfide ores, tailings regrinding or coarse concentrate regrinding are often adopted, while the medium ore regrinding process is rarely used.

During processing, lead-zinc sulfide flotation process, and is often used currently uses more flotation process including: preferential flotation process, mixed flotation process, etc., on the basis of the conventional direct flotation developed separation and flotation process, such as thickness, branch streaming processes, etc., mainly according to its different grain size and embedded to choose cloth relations, among them, such as flotation water from both ore difficult to choose the ore and the flotation process and less reagent consumption, sulfur lead-zinc deposit in flotation process has certain advantages, especially in the ore is easy floating and floating two kinds of lead and zinc content, such as flotation is a more appropriate choice.

lead zinc mineral flotation process

Compared with lead-zinc sulfide, the lead-zinc oxide is more difficult to choose, the reason is that zinc oxide content and then to choose don't need to experience the vulcanization process, change the flotability of oxide lead-zinc mine, the oxidation of lead-zinc mine has dense disseminated extent and often more complicated disseminated relationship, easier to produce clay slurry grinding stage, make vulcanization process is relatively difficult.

Among the types of oxidized lead-zinc ore, the most valuable one is calamine. Besides, red zinc ore and silicozinc ore are also recyclable ores. Among these ores, white lead ore, lead vitriol and molybdenum lead ore are easy to be vulcanized, and sulfide agents such as sodium sulfide, calcium sulfide and sodium hydrosulfide can be used for vulcanization treatment. However, arsenopyrite, chromopyrite and phosphochloropyrite are difficult to vulcanize and have poor floatability.

Generally speaking, priority flotation will be selected as the main separation process for lead and zinc oxide ores. Desliming operation should be carried out before flotation to improve the flotation index and dosage of chemicals. As for the selection of agents, long-chain xanthate is a relatively common effective collector, which can also be replaced as zhongoctyl xanthate or no.25 black drug according to different test effects. But oleic acid, oxidized paraffin soap and other fatty acid collectors, their selectivity is poor, only suitable for the silicate gangue high-grade lead ore.

lead zinc mineral flotation processing system

Mixed lead-zinc mine refers to in the ore contains both lead and zinc oxide and zinc sulfide ores, the thinking of this type of ore sorting process is roughly will lead and zinc oxide as separate useful mineral recycling, the recycling minerals including zinc oxide, lead concentrate and zinc concentrate, usually, lead-zinc mine use mix - part or mixed flotation - selective flotation separation process, in order to lead and zinc oxide, lead concentrate and zinc concentrate, in different parts of the ore, flotation order also differ, need through beneficiation test for sure.

Above are some of the simpler lead-zinc mine separating process description, here to remind you the mine owner, this conclusion is in ideal conditions to get the process, in the process of construction of dressing plant, there are many factors that need to consider, you need to consider factors such as economic condition, operating life and then make a decision of lead-zinc mine the classification process.

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