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The Introduction of the Graphite Ore Production Process

2017-12-26 XinHai Views (1932)

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The graphite is an important nonmetal mineral resources in China. The reserves and the sales rank first in the world. With the development of the science and technology, the graphite application field has been expanded constantly. At present, it has been regarded as one of the most important industrial raw material in both home and abroad. However, as the graphite application field being expanded, the industry has a higher and higher requirement for the graphite. Therefore, it encourages the graphite workers to absorb the traditional graphite production process and keep continuous innovation and improvement at the same time.

At present, the graphite production process methods are mainly gravity, flotation, electric separation and the combination methods of the whole solutions. Therefore, the main process of the graphite ore beneficiation is mainly flotation. In the general situation, after the flotation of the graphite, we can get the 90%~97% grade of graphite concentrate. For the different graphite ore properties, the beneficiation methods are different.

For the massive crystalline graphite, because of the high-grade carbon in itself, finer particle sizes and the smaller reserves, we can adopt the traditional crushing and hand picking technology to take advantage of it. It has the advantages of a simple production process and low production cost.

For the flake graphite ore, because of the higher, the purity is and the larger the flake is, the function and price are higher. Therefore, in the beneficiation production process, it is important to adopt various measures to increase the large flake productivity and the graphite grade. The traditional graphite production process is generally divided into stage ore grinding and stage grading with good effect, but the worn situation is still serious. On the base of a wide absorption of the previous experience, the researchers have successively adopted the ultrasound intensify flotation process, classifying flotation machine, no collectors process, rapid flotation process and cut flocculation flotation process to grade it. It can get the corresponding result.

For the cryptocrystalline graphite ore, the raw grade ore is generally 60%~80%. The particle sizes of the graphite are finer and the floatability is relatively bad. Therefore, it is difficult to have the flotation. At present, the graphite ore production process is mainly by picking out, crushing and ore grinding to get the products. Parts of it uses the flotation and chemical purification to do it. In recent years, for the problems of cryptocrystalline graphite being hard to float, the researchers have adopted the hydrophobicity flocculation flotation and selective flocculation flotation to select and get a better result.

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