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Iron Ore Reverse Flotation Introduction

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With the sustained rapid development of the economy in recent years, Crude steel output in China has greatly increased, so there is a greater demand for iron ore exploitation. In general, iron ore of China has a series of characteristics, like finer dissemination size, more complicated composition, higher content of impurity and lower grade. It is hard to obtain a good separating index by traditional processing methods. Iron ore reverse flotation method is invented in order to make a rational utilization of mineral resources. Here is a brief introduction of iron ore reverse flotation method.

Flotation technology is widely used in iron ore separation. Conventional flotation method was adopted to remove the impurity of iron concentrates, but it turned out to be a poor performance. In order to solve this problem, reverse flotation method is found to be efficient in removing the very fine impurity like phosphor and sulphur in iron concentrate. Reverse flotation has unparalleled advantages over direct flotation method in the application. In iron ore direct flotation process, a sort of direct flotation reagent is added and then works under specific conditions. The floating material is mainly iron concentrate. On the contrary, iron ore reverse flotation uses reverse flotation regents to work under given conditions, and its floating material is mainly gangue mineral. Because the density of gangue ore is smaller than that of iron ore, reverse flotation method shows a better flotation performance with lesser flotation reagents, which reduce the production costs to some extent compared with direct flotation method. And the ore slurry processed by reverse flotation method is easier to be treated and sent to the next process. Besides, direct flotation method has a narrower selectivity of reagents while reverse flotation method has more flexible options for reagents, wider application, and better flotation outcomes. All of these make reverse flotation method a frequent application of iron ore separation.

The research and development of new type reverse flotation reagents are quite essential for making better reverse flotation method. Nowadays, there is a trend that reverse flotation reagents move toward diversification and complex direction. By combing two or more kinds of reverse flotation reagents at a certain proportion to form new and complex regents is a heated research direction.

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