What is Phosphate Rock Processing?

What is Phosphate Rock Processing?

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Phosphate ore has no fixed molecular formula and fixed crystal structure. It belongs to noncrystalline. Phosphate usually shows oolitic structure, sometimes binding, globular and power shapes and so on. It is a kind of finely dispersed phase apatite with a colloidal structure which is difficult to process.

Phosphate ore and Phosphate rock processing involves Scrubbing and removing mud, flotation method, roasting, and digestion method, heavy medium separation method, photoelectric mineral processing method, biological treatment method and combined mineral processing technology.

Crubbing and removing mud of Phosphate ore and Phosphate rock processing has been mature. But the practice shows that it is limited in improving the grade of Phosphate and a large of tailing produced has not been taken advantage of. At present, this method is combined with flotation and the Phosphate among the tailing can be recovered by the flotation method.

The flotation method is widely suitable for all the Phosphate ore and Phosphate rock processing. By different nature of Phosphate ore, it can be divided into positive flotation, flotation (positive and negative), double reverse flotation.

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