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3 Kinds of Mineral Beneficiation Processes to Protect Graphite Ore Scales

2023-04-19 XinHai Views (395)

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As a kind of crystalline graphite, flake graphite ore is widely used in metallurgy, machinery, electrical, light industry, chemical industry, textile, national defense and other fields, and is one of the indispensable non-metallic materials for the development of high-tech in the world today. Although the grade of flake graphite ore is low, the large flake has a high industrial value. In actual production, the flake is easy to be over crushed, which will affect the efficiency of mineral processing. Therefore, it is important to protect the flake of graphite ore for improving the beneficiation index. This article will introduce three processes of flake graphite ore protection: mixed coarse selection, pre-classification and quick flotation.


01Flake graphite ore mixed coarse beneficiation process

The process is to classify and grind graphite ore after mixed coarse selection of flake graphite mineral. The raw ores are sent to two or three stages grinding for mixed coarse beneficiation to improve concentrates recovery rate without damaging the flakes. In the first or second stage of coarse concentrate concentration, use a sieve with a suitable mesh size (≥0.147 mm particle size) to classify the concentrate. Then grinding the minerals under different conditions. The products on the sieve are used to protect large flake graphite ore. And the products under the sieve is used to improve the fixed carbon content.

On one hand, this kind of process can avoid that fine particles break the large flake graphite ore during grinding process of coarse particles. It can also reduce the inhibitory effect of fine particles on large scales. On the other hand, when fine grain graphite is being regrinding, because there is no large scale, the grinding fineness can be appropriately improved to increase the grinding efficiency, shorten the number of regrinding and beneficaition, which is conducive to the further improvement of the fixed carbon content of fine grain concentrate.


02Flake graphite ore advanced classification process

The process includes staged grinding process, staged beneficiation process and advanced classification process. Graphite ore concentrates at the concentration process is sieved. When the fixed carbon content of the sieve scales in the foam product reaches the concentrate index. The  concentrate is screened by a sieve with the corresponding size. The product on the sieve is the final large scale concentrate product, and the product under sieve is used for subsequent grinding and beneficiation. According to raw ore property and final products requirements, classifying screens with different sizes can be deployed at multi stages concentration parts. The common mesh sizes are 0.5mm, 0.297mm, 0.177mm, 0.147mm, etc.

This kind of process is to classify concentrates. Quality large flake graphite concentrates are separated in advance to avoid the regrinding of dissociated large-scale graphite. To some extend, it can improve large scales production yield of final concentrates. It is a more effective process to protect graphite ores.


03Flake graphite ore quick flotation process

Under the condition of optimized particle size of coarse grinding, graphite raw ores are sent to two-stage coarse beneficiation after one-stage rough grinding process. One-stage coarse beneficiation is to recycle large scales with a high dissociation degree. The foam products from rough beneficiation enter second and third stage grinding process directly. Two-stage rough beneficiation is used for recycling conjoined graphite. The coarse foam enters conventional flotation process after first stage regrinding process. During flotation process, use the appropriate amount of the correct flotation agent. For example, the diesel oil, heavy oil, kerosene, sulfate, phenols can be used as collectors. And the 2#oil, 4#oil, butyther oil and ether alcohol can be used as foam beater.

Based on the difference in the flotation speed between the dissociated and conjoined graphite ore, and the large scale graphite that has been dissociated or with a high degree of dissociation can be separated in time by controlling the flotation time. The first to second stage regrinding of this part of the large graphite flakes is reduced, which plays a role in protecting the large graphite flakes to a certain extent.


In order to fully protect the graphite scale and improve the utilization level of scale graphite, it is suggested that the mine owners choose regular manufacturers and develop scientific and reasonable graphite mineral processing process in order to obtain an ideal return on investment.