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3Kinds of Ilmenite Mineral Dressing Technologies

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Titanium is one of the important metals used in industrial production, national defense and daily life, and the production of its raw materials has also received extensive attention and attention. Among them, ilmenite, the main source of titanium resources, strengthening its sorting and recycling is one of the key measures to improve the production capacity of titanium raw materials. This article will introduce three kinds of ilmenite mineral dressing technologies, namely ilmenite gravity separation process, strong magnetic-gravity separation process and strong magnetic-flotation process.

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01Gravity separation process of ilmenite

The gravity separation process is mainly carried out by using the specific gravity difference between the ore components. The equipment used in the ilmenite gravity separation process is mainly a spiral chute and a shaking table.

Because the composition of ilmenite ore is complex, there are kaolinite and quartz that are easy to select, and there are gangue minerals such as gibbsite that are difficult to select. Therefore, the separation of ilmenite ore by the gravity separation process needs to be combined with a spiral chute. and shaker. During the gravity separation, a spiral chute roughing and two beneficiations are used first to exclude the gangue minerals that have a significant specific gravity difference with the ilmenite. The medium ore produced by the spiral chute gravity separation can be re-selected to improve the resource utilization rate. Shaker separation is then used to improve the concentrate grade.

Because there are also minerals such as hematite and magnetite in ilmenite ore, the weak magnetic separation process can be used to remove iron, which can further improve the concentrate grade.

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02Ilmenite strong magnetic-gravity separation process

Since ilmenite itself has weak magnetic properties, and gangue minerals such as kaolin and quartz in the ore have non-magnetic or weak magnetic properties, ilmenite can be separated by strong magnetic separation process.

The specific process is as follows: to avoid over-grinding of the ore, the ilmenite raw ore is first screened by a screening machine and then entered into a ball mill for grinding. The products after grinding enter into the strong magnetic separator for rough separation. Because there is a certain amount of magnetite in the raw ore, these ores will enter into the ilmenite concentrate during strong magnetic roughing, which will affect the final concentrate grade of the ilmenite concentrate. In order to solve this problem, it is also necessary to carry out the weak magnetic iron removal operation on the strong magnetic concentrate. The grade of the concentrate after iron removal needs to be further improved and has reached the production target. The gravity separation process can better enrich the titanium ore, generally using a shaking table. Four types of products can be obtained after gravity separation, namely concentrate, secondary concentrate, medium ore and tailings.

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In actual production, in order to utilize resources rationally, it is necessary to re-grind and classify secondary concentrates and medium ore, which can also improve the recovery rate of concentrates.

03Ilmenite strong magnetic-flotation process

Due to the large amount of mud in the ilmenite ore, the separation effect of full flotation is not very satisfactory. Therefore, the separation of ilmenite ore by flotation process will be combined with other processes. After the ilmenite is subjected to strong magnetic separation, a large number of tailings are thrown away, and the flotation process can effectively recover the ilmenite in the strong magnetic concentrate. The recovery rate of concentrate can be further improved by flotation process of ilmenite after strong magnetic separation.

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During flotation, collectors oleic acid and salicylic hydroxamic acid, lead acetate, inhibitor water glass and carboxymethyl cellulose can be added to the pulp. Oleic acid and salicylic hydroxamic acid in a ratio of 3:1 have a good harvesting effect. The lead ions in lead acetate activate ilmenite. However, water glass and carboxymethyl cellulose inhibit the emergence of gangue minerals. Because the pH value in the pulp will affect the recovered concentrate grade, it can be adjusted by adding sulfuric acid and sodium hydroxide. To protect equipment from corrosion, flotation is generally performed under neutral conditions.

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In addition, the amount of collector and inhibitor will affect the flotation effect. It is necessary to carry out beneficiation test analysis before sorting, so as to avoid material waste and chemical loss.

The above contents are the three kinds of ilmenite mineral dressing technologies. Because of the different ore composition, the specific mineral dressing process used is also different. Concentrators conduct ore composition and beneficiation test analysis before processing ilmenite. Xinhai has more than 20 years of experience in miner test analysis, beneficiation process design and equipment manufacturing. We can provide you with reasonable ilmenite beneficiation tests, efficient beneficiation process and equipment. If necessary, welcome to consult Xinhai.

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