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A Summary of Phosphorite Rock Mining

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China has rich phosphate rock minerals, phosphate minerals ranked second in the world. China is the world class phosphate rock mining country, phosphate rock exports accounted for about 35% of the world phosphate rock. China has advanced phosphate mineral mining equipment. The following describes the traditional phosphate rock mining technology and related equipment.

Crabbing and removing mud. It is suitable for the phosphate rock mining which undergoes weathering heavily and the process is mature. The equipment used in the phosphate rock mining process is simple and the operation is easy, but it is limited in improving the grade of phosphate. At present, this kind of rock usually adopts scrubbing and removing mud process-flotation process. Flotation process is used to recover the phosphate in the tailing left after the scrubbing and removing mud.

Gravity separation. It is suitable for the coarse particles phosphate rock in which the gangue minerals and phosphate have different density. Usually, the equipment used in the phosphate rock is gravity equipment. This equipment is simple and has no environment pollution. But it has no ability to recover the fine particles. At present, the gravity equipment for phosphate rock mining process is mainly used in the pre-election of phosphate with a low grade.

Flotation. It is suitable for complex phosphate which is difficult to beneficiate. By the nature of different phosphate, the process of phosphate rock mining has positive flotation, single reverse flotation, flotation (positive and negative), double reverse flotation. Flotation has wide application in the phosphate rock mining and the phosphate finally got has high grade. It has high recovery and is the trend of the phosphate rock mining process.

Combined beneficiation of gravity, magnetic and flotation process. It is suitable for comprehensively recovering all kind of associated useful minerals of phosphate rock. The equipment used in the process method can fully recover the phosphate minerals and useful associated minerals as well as has a high utilization rate of rock. But the process is complex.

Roasting method. It is suitable for phosphate rock such as phosphatic rock with a large amount of calcium. This kind of process is mature. But it has many disadvantages such as high infrastructure investment, the large difficulty of roasting technology, large energy consumption, and poor product quality. It has advantages only in such places as having cheap energy resources and limited water resources(Africa).

Xinhai produces all kinds of flotation cells and provides flotation process and related mining equipment for phosphate rock mining plant. Using the flotation cells in the phosphate flotation plant allows a high grade of phosphate and high recovery of it. It is the best equipment for phosphate flotation since its low energy consumption, high efficiency of equipment and low maintenance rate of equipment.

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