Buy Hematite Iron Ore Processing Equipment?

Buy Hematite Iron Ore Processing Equipment?

2016-03-08 XinHai Views (1757)

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Nowadays, hematite iron ore processing has been a large demand of iron ore plant owner, many hematite iron ore processing plants would consult peers on the website about which manufacturer is the best choice for extraction of iron from hematite? Xinhai is your best choice.

Xinhai majors in manufacturing hematite iron ore processing equipment, such as crusher, grinding mill, flotation cell, magnetic equipment, gravity separating and so on. Follows are a brief introduction of flotation cell of Xinhai and the brief introduction of extraction of iron from hematite.

Xinhai XJ mechanical agitation flotation cell is the most widely used flotation cell in iron ore mining, it is adopted from Russian, after updated and improved, it has become the flotation equipment which has excellent performance and has widely used in roughing flotation, anti-flotation operation in middle or small ore plant. This flotation is suitable for ferrous metal ore, nonmetallic ore and non-ferrous metal ore. Impeller cover has great agitation function and increases the agitation result. The principle of such flotation: feed the slurry to the flotation, the negative pressure between impeller and cover would press the air into the slurry. In the agitation do impeller, slurry and air mixed together, and as the regent function, slurry from the mineral foam and move to the surface become the foam layer, foam become the foam product after scraped by the scraper.

Xinhai company also manufactures flotation cylinder which can extraction of iron from hematite. Xinhai manufactures flotation cylinder which is suitable for whose particle size finer than 0.5 mm or for metal ore flotation process. Its characters are it can mix the flotation and separate together, it can be used as three machines, as it can do rough flotation, scavenging, and concentrate flotation together. It has a big capacity, high recycle rate, good process indexes, low pollution, and high performance.

Xinhai manufactures all kinds of hematite iron ore processing equipment, we insist on customers need, and chose the suitable equipment for customers. Xinhai also manufactures other mineral processing equipment, we have a reasonable price, beat quality, considerate service, we are your reliable partner.