Iron Ore Tailing

Discussion on the Usage of Iron Ore Tailing

2015-12-15 XinHai Views (1529)

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The production of the iron ore tailing is becoming bigger and bigger. It is very important to use the iron ore tailing reasonably. This essay will focus on the usage of the mining tailings of iron ore.

Is is acknowledged that the iron ore tailings is non-renewable. Therefore, the mineral resources being able to be used in the world will speed up to disappear with the pace of exploiting over time. For long-term survival of humanity, the world are taking the mine tailings as a secondary resources to exploit and use. Actually, the iron ore tailing, especially the the one many year ago, has high grade same with the grade of some new minerals as the result of limitation of low technology at that moment. iron ore flotation tailings,with the development of modern technology, tailings can be flotation and recycle again. And the beneficiation and recycling of the mine tailing can reduce many technology links and costs, such as mining and crushing equipment and process, the cost of sieving and delivery process and so on. Exploiting the iron ore tailing usually uses the existing equipment and crafts in the plant. Of course, whether the mine tailing can be separated depends on the economy and technology. For example, no matter the tailings are metal minerals or nonmetal minerals, if the metal minerals is worthy of being flotated, the metal concentrate will be beneficiated. So is the nonmetal minerals. If the beneficiation of the iron ore mine tailing is not feasible from the analysis of technology and economy. According to their nature and value, they can be attributed to nonmetal minerals with high purity such as siliceous, silicon aluminum, calcium silicon and calcium magnesium.

The key of taking advantage of iron ore tailing is to find the suitable way of usage and adopt advanced and feasible crafts. For example, using the iron mine tailing to roast ceramic and daily ceramic. To make the mine tailing usage concentrate to the improvement of economic benefits of mine development, we must depend on the progress of technology, adopt new and advanced beneficiation process of iron ore tailings, develop usage ways of nonmetal minerals and cultivate a group of professional team mastering all kind of technology, making the mine tailing usage become an important industry of mining development department.

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