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Efficient Wet Hematite Separation and Processing Equipment

2015-12-10 XinHai Views (1041)

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Hematite process is a common solution for hematite ore which is an important raw material for the metallurgy departments of steel production, due to Hematite has a certain magnetism, so hematite flotation and separation is commonly used in hematite process and enrichment. Magnetic separation in anhydrous media participation can be divided into dry magnetic separation and wet magnetic separation when process and separate hematite, hematite ore process dry magnetic separation equipment mainly is a magnetic roller, the layout of eccentric rotating magnetic field dry separation machine etc. Hematite ore wet process equipment mainly are downstream type permanent magnetic drum magnetic separator, counter flow type permanent magnetic cylinder type magnetic sorting machine, semi counter current type permanent magnetic drum magnetic separator, vertical ring pulsating high gradient magnetic separator etc., and the vertical ring pulsating high gradient magnetic separator has characteristics like stable operation, high enrichment ratio, and high recovery rate. Here is a brief introduction.

The vertical ring pulsating high gradient magnetic separation device is widely used in the hematite separation process. At present, it is a kind of advanced equipment for hematite process. The magnetic separation equipment swivel adopts vertical arrangement and swivels mounted inside the stainless steel bar, and during the hematite process, swivel does clockwise direction select along the counter. The internal magnetic medium in the swivel occurs magnetization under the action of a magnetic field and on its surface can produce the large gradient magnetic field. Magnetic particles in slurry adsorbents on the surface of the magnetic medium and alone with the swivel magnetic mineral will rotary to the top field where there is no magnetic, then goes into concentrate hopper under the wash water effect. While weak magnetic or non-magnetic mineral through the gap of the hematite yoke goes into the tailings and eventually discharged.

Because strong magnetic separator has to produce a strong magnetic field when process hematite, in order to reduce the magnetic flux leakage problem, strong magnetic separator magnetic system spacing is generally smaller, and this also brings the separator a problem of easy blockage. Vertical ring pulsating high gradient magnetic separator of hematite process solves the problem of conventional strong magnetic separator blockage. Through its working process, we can see its prospecting and exploration direction are just opposite, unloading ore in the hematite process of reverse flushing can effectively wash out coarse mineral, avoid iron yoke slot of the plug. Also the lower part of the magnetic separation equipment is also equipped with a pulsating device, pulp continued to move up and down makes the internal particles remain in suspension which is conducive to the recovery of magnetic particles in the process of hematite, on the other hand when pulp does the moving magnetic particles can be adsorbed on the surface of the magnetic medium which increases the magnetic minerals in magnetic surface adsorption area and improves the utilization rate of the magnetic system when separation the hematite.