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Ways to Improve Vanadium Titanium Magnetite Beneficiation Technology

2015-11-27 XinHai Views (1165)

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Recent years, domestic magnetic separating equipment has developed, but there is also a large gap between the demand of vanadium magnetite beneficiation technology. As traditional magnetic equipment, a permanent magnetic cylindrical magnetic separator is widely used in beneficiation plants, but it is hard to be chosen accordingly to different minerals because of a single product and limited choices. Problems in vanadium magnetite beneficiation technology are introduced briefly below.

The permanent magnetic cylindrical magnetic separator has achieved a good effect on separating minerals which have achieved individual separation. However, it is bad on separating coenobium minerals. Recent years,  magnetic separator manufacturer has paid more attention to the magnetic separator magnetic system, but there is less work on Aqueduct body, which plays an important role in a separation process. Magnetic system and Aqueduct body should be designed according to different properties of the slurry. Pertinence should be prominent, and generality weakened. With research and development of magnetic collector and magnetic separation column, vanadium magnetite beneficiation technology has improved. It has an obvious effect on separating for fine particle size lean coenobium, and also on quality improvement and impurity reduction. There is a blind area on equipment development for coarse particle size coenobium, which needs further development. A magnetic de-sliming groove has been gradually replaced by beneficiation plants because of its low efficiency and large water consumption. But in fact, magnetic de-sliming groove special declining and separating effect is not replaced by other equipment, and replacements research should be enhanced.

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