Dry Preselection Applied in Vanadium Titano Magnetite Beneficiation Process

Dry Preselection Applied in Vanadium Titano Magnetite Beneficiation Process

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Dry preselection invanadium titano magnetite beneficiation process has an obvious effect. Permanent magnetic roller produced by Xinhai has a simple structure and convenient operation which has achieved high praise in practice.

Dry preselection is a later grinding stage, which is a useful method for reducing the throughput, improving the grade, and reducing beneficiation costs. Dry preselection is adopted by many domestic iron plants in coarse, medium and fine crushing. Among those, it is common in fine crushing, also after coarse crushing for underground iron plants for preconcentration of discarding the tailings. Permanent magnetic roller produced by Xinhai is commonly used invanadium titano magnetite beneficiation process, and it has a wide applicability according to different properties and particle sizes of crushing products. Now, it will be introduced briefly below.

Particle size selected into permanent magnetic roller is less than 300mm, and large magnetic wrap angle which is less than 180°is adopted. Magnetic minerals and non-magnetic minerals are separated efficiently by increasing the length of separation belt and times of magnetic turns. All magnetic equipment all adopts neodymium iron boron magnet with high energy product and high intrinsic coercively. Magnetic field intensity is large and has the advantages of extensive magnetic effect. The demagnetizing index is less than 5% for eight years. In the case of magnet exfoliation, magnetic packet attachment is a non-conductive magnet and stainless steel. The cylinder is a nonconductive magnet and stainless steel, also ultra-wear-resistant rubber produced by Xinhai is attached. It contributes to improving the life span of a cylinder. The permanent magnetic roller is widely used invanadium titano magnetite beneficiation process, and it can be used as an initiative roller, as well as a driven roller.

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