Guide for Selection of Gold Equipment Technological Process

2015-11-23 XinHai Views (1110)

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Gold equipment technological process is the key part of the mill plant design work. Stable and reliable gold equipment and conforms to the actual process are the basic premise of standards of production of final election plant. As a rare and precious metal, no matter in what times, there is a huge demand for gold, therefore the design of gold mine has always been a hot topic. The huge market demand of gold equipment technological process has given rise to mining machinery manufacturer, but there are so many domestic manufacturers, equipment is complex and the quality of the good and bad are intermingled. Equipment selection and process design have become a common issue that many mill plant facing.

Xinhai was established in the 90 s, is a gold mine of mining enterprises. At the same time it is China earliest EPC total package service concept in mines and has finished gold mine mining design in Mali, Cambodia, Sudan, Tanzania, Africa and other regions, so it has very rich experience in gold mine equipment process design. According to the actual needs of customers, Xinhai can provide mine design, beneficiation research, equipment manufacturing, installation, commissioning, worker training and other services. Xinhai pays attention to the optimization and improvement of its own products. On the basis of independent innovation, xinhai actively introduce the international advanced theory and production technology, combining the reality of domestic mines and customer feedback, to optimize the equipment upgrade. Xinhai has a research team that with most abundant domestic gold mine equipment process design actual strength. The quality of the equipment company completely according to international standards, and adopted the ISO9001:2008, CE and other international quality management system certification. In actual production, its researchers do repeated inspection and improvement of technological processes of different ores.

Xinhai efficient stability of the gold mine equipment technological process and perfect after-sale service make its excellent reputation, and it is supported by the masses of customers sincerely.

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