pyrite flotation

How do different factors influence pyrite flotation?

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During the flotation process, the flotation effect of aimed minerals is influenced by many factors. In this passage, we will introduce how slurry concentration, flotation particle size, and the rotating speed of flotation cells influence pyrite flotation.

pyrite flotation

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01Slurry concentration

A suitable slurry concentration is essential in the flotation process. It has a different influence on agent dosage, slurry aeration, and production efficiency of flotation cells, which also influences the pyrite flotation efficiency.

With a certain range, with the increase of slurry concentration, minerals are easier to crash with agents, the faster minerals float. Therefore, high slurry concentration is an advantage for the rapid separation of pyrite flotation. Through adjusting slurry concentration, we can realize the fast priority flotation of copper pyrite. However, if the slurry concentration is over high, the agent dosage increases as well, which worsens the aeration effect, and even flotation speed. In other words, the proper increase of the pulp concentration can inhibit the floating of pyrite, thereby relatively improving the kinetic parameters of pyrite and realizing the rapid flotation of pyrite. 

So, comprehensively considering mineral processing cost, flotation indexes, and other factors, choosing a suitable slurry concentration, a good pyrite flotation effect can be reached.

pyrite flotation

02Mineral particle size

The particle size has a certain relationship with flotation speed. For different minerals, the particle size for maximum flotation speeds is different. Therefore, particle size has an important influence on pyrite flotation.

Fine-grained minerals have low mass and low momentum, resulting in small collision energy between particles, thereby reducing the collision probability. The collision probability of mineral particles reduces with the reduction of particle size. Therefore, over fine particle sizes worsen the separation of pyrite flotation. An appropriate increase in mineral particle size is beneficial to improve the flotation effect of coarse-grained copper minerals; while the mineral particle size is too fine, the flotation effect will be worse at high concentration and high flotation machine speed, indicating the fast flotation of pyrite can be realized only under suitable mineral particle size conditions.

Therefore, comprehensively grinding cost, grinding period, and other factors, choosing a coarser particle size is an advantage for the separation of pyrite flotation. Early recovery and more recovery of coarse-grained copper minerals can be achieved under appropriate conditions.

pyrite flotation

03The rotating speed of flotation cell

Flotation equipment is the important factor influencing the flotation effect. The rotating speed of the flotation cell determines the stirring intensity of the slurry, which is important for pyrite flotation.

The speed of the flotation machine will affect the stirring intensity of the slurry, thereby determining the turbulent flow velocity of the slurry in the flotation tank. In a certain speed range, increasing the speed of the flotation machine can increase the aeration volume and change the movement state of the mineral particles, which is conducive to the effective dispersion of the mineral particles, thereby increasing the collision probability of the mineral and the agent molecule, and is conducive to improving the mineral flotation speed. However, when the speed of the flotation machine is too high, the increase of the turbulence and intensity of the slurry will cause the mineralized particles to fall off, and the flotation rate will reach the saturation value. Continued increase of the speed will reduce the flotation speed of minerals.

This means that the speed of the flotation machine is too low or too high, which is not conducive to the rapid separation of minerals. Therefore, choosing the appropriate speed of the flotation machine is conducive to achieving better pyrite flotation separation effects.

pyrite flotation

The above introduces three important factors influencing pyrite flotation. Because of the characteristics differences between different minerals, we recommend carrying out a mineral processing experiment at first. Choosing the suitable slurry concentration, particle size, rotating speed of flotation cell, and other flotation conditions, improving the flotation speed of pyrite, to reach ideal pyrite flotation indexes.

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