Xinhai Assists 5TPH Cinder Cryolite Comprehensive Recovery Project

Xinhai Assists 5TPH Cinder Cryolite Comprehensive Recovery of Shandong, China

2022-04-20 XinHai Views (747)

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In recent years, the electrolytic aluminum industry has developed rapidly, and the waste fluorine-containing carbon residue generated in the electrolysis process has also increased year by year. The waste carbon residue mainly contains electrolytes such as carbon, cryolite, subcryolite, AlF3, Al2O3, etc. Stacking waste carbon residues in the slag yard will not only cause environmental pollution, but also waste resources. With the development of mineral processing technology, it has become a new idea to explore new technology to recover electrolytic aluminum carbon slag.

Recently, the Shandong 5TPH cinder cryolite comprehensive recovery project undertaken by Xinhai has successfully completed the installation and commissioning, realizing the purpose of comprehensive recovery of electrolytic aluminum carbon slag. In 2021, the client of this project contacted Xinhai online, hoping to complete the project with the help of xinhai's advanced equipment and technology. After in-depth communication with Xinhai, the customer highly recognized the service of Xinhai and signed the project contract.

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Use the table of contents below to navigate through the guide:

01Project Overview

【Raw ore properties】: electrolytic aluminum carbon slag, the particle size is less than 200mm.

【Process flow】: one-stage crushing - one-stage grinding and classification - flotation - carbon powder harmless process - carbon powder dewatering - cryolite dewatering

【Processing capacity】: 5t/h

【Product】: cryolite concentrate (carbon content<0.3%)

Raw Ore.jpg

(Raw Ore)

02Xinhai Solution


Considering the process characteristics of the project, the geographical location of the plant ther factors, Xinhai carried out the construction drawing design of the project, including cryolite flotation production line design, equipment foundation, operation platform, pipeline layout design, water supply and drainage system and fire control system design, power supply and distribution system design, and the site design of the reservation drying system. It involves mineral processing, ventilation and dust removal, general drawing, fire protection, electric power, water supply and drainage, civil construction and other majors.

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After the production line design of construction drawing was completed, Xinhai started the equipment manufacturing and procurement, and customized a complete set of production lines for the project, including crushing systemgrinding and classification systemflotation system, carbon powder harmless process & dewatering system and cryolite dewatering system.

In the stage of equipment design and production, Xinhai fully considers the characteristics of the site environment and adapts the equipment to effectively improve the operating efficiency. After the completion of the project related equipment manufacturing and procurement, Xinhai delivered all the equipment to the project site safely and securely through the perfect packaging and shipping management system.

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During the installation and commissioning stage, Xinhai sent a skilled team to the site to provide installation guidance, coordinate the installation work, implement the design details of the construction drawings, and promote the installation and commissioning process, thus successfully completing the project installation and commissioning work. During the actual commissioning, the project processing capacity reached 4-6t/h, which greatly exceeded the expected target, and the customer was very satisfied with this.

03Project Highlights

In the process of Shandong 5T/H cinger cryolite comprehensive recovery project, Xinhai always regards environmental protection, efficiency and safety as standard, and realizes the efficient resource utilization of cryolite, which is the embodiment of "circular economy" and "comprehensive utilization". As a solid waste recycling project in the electrolytic aluminum industry, the Shandong 5t/h cinder cryolite comprehensive recovery project has important practical, economic and social significance.

Cryolite products.jpg

(Cryolite products)

carbon residue products.jpg

(Carbon residue products)

To Wrap Up

Shandong 5T/H cryolite comprehensive recovery project is a solid step of Xinhai in innovative technology. As the proposer and practitioner of “Turn-key Solution for Mineral Processing Plant (EPC+M+O)", Xinhai has always taken customer demand as the guidance and provided customers with scientific and customized service solutions. In the future, Xinhai will continue to spread the correct concept and method of mine construction as its own responsibility, promote the implementation of Xinhai solution, and earnestly provide global customers with more perfect, professional and in-place services for the mineral processing EPC+M+O service.