Perfect Ending! Five Highlights of Xinhai Mining in CHINA MINING Conference and Exhibition 2019

2019-10-12 XinHai Views (1409)

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On October 11, the 3-day CHINA MINING Conference and Exhibition 2019 was concluded in Tianjin Meijiang Convention Center. Since 2010, Xinhai has appeared in CHINA MINING Conference and Exhibition many times. This year, Xinhai, as the sponsor of the name badge, attended again at N1-1503 with "mineral processing EPC+M+O service". Strong enterprise strength, unique mineral processing service mode, professional technical explanation and innovative on-site activities made Xinhai stand out among the many exhibitors and won over 100 customers during the exhibition.


Highlight One

Unique Special booth

The exhibition area of Xinhai Mining was up to 126 square meters. The unique booth layout and rich activity arrangement on site were the real surprises, attracting many participants to visit and consult.

Focus 01 Booth arrangement

Xinhai booth was mainly white color, matched with red and blue color. Multiple display screens and various decorative walls comprehensively showed the mineral processing EPC+M+O service and technical strength of Xinhai.


Focus 02 Glasses-free 3D

In order to better show the ore dressing equipment to the customer, Xinhai adopted the glasses-free 3D to make the product introduction more vivid, and let the customer feel the new technology experience brought by Xinhai at the same time.


Focus 03 VR experience

Xinhai also set up VR experience area for customers. Put on the special VR glasses and operate the handle, the whole mineral processing plant was close in front of you, and the equipment was clearly visible, so that customers can experience the charm of the mineral processing plant personally!


Focus 04 3D scaled model

Xinhai specially arranged 3D scaled model display -- gold ore gravity separation, flotation and cyanidation processing technology and equipment, helping customers have a visual understanding of the plant design and mineral processing flowsheet.


Focus 05 Various on-site activities

In the exhibition site, Xinhai held various forms of on-site activities, the "lucky wheel" game brought the luck for everyone and let everyone obtain the exquisite gifts.


Xinhai's mascot "ball mill babies" were also loved by the customers at home and abroad in this mining conference.


Highlight Two

Received more than 100 customers at the exhibition site

During the exhibition, Xinhai booth was filled with customers to consult and negotiate, the whole booth was the most popular booth in the exhibition.


In the face of each question raised by new and old customers at home and abroad, our experienced business personnel carried out a detailed answer. The innovative mineral processing EPC+M+O service, on-site professional technical explanation and service attitude to solve practical problems for customers won the recognition of customers, and successfully reached strategic cooperation intention with a number of key customers.


Highlight Three

Yunlong Zhang, chairman of Xinhai Mining, delivered the keynote speech

During the exhibition, Yunlong Zhang, chairman of Xinhai Mining, was invited to deliver the keynote speech with the theme of "Technical experience and strategy of overseas mining investment" in the forum.


Mr. Zhang started from the pain points of overseas mining development, he thought that the current overseas mining development had the problem of stressing business and neglecting technique, virtually caused the investment budget overran, index and production dissatisfaction, controllable technical modification time. The root of problem was that the early technical solution just simply copied a similar solution, or made the decision based on the experience without enough scientific basis.


"There are no two same mines in the world, each mine should be tailored mineral processing technology and equipment". Aiming at the above problems, Mr. Zhang gave the Xinhai solution concluded with many years of industry experience - customized mineral processing EPC+M+O service. Besides, Mr. Zhang illustrated the importance to customize the technical scheme with many examples in detail, which won the enthusiastic responses and the widespread praise in the forum.

Highlight Four

Multiple industry media scrambled to interview

During the exhibition, multiple industry medias invited interviews. When the reporter of China Mining News asked what gains did Xinhai have through this exhibition? Mr. Zhang said, "Through this exhibition, we not only showed the advantages and characteristics of mineral processing EPC+M+O service to our customers at home and abroad, but also conducted in-depth technical exchanges, economic and trade cooperation with the mine colleagues."


(Yunlong Zhang, chairman of Xinhai Mining, accepted the interview)


(Zhongyi Zhang, general manager of Xinhai Mining, accepted the interview)

Highlight Five

Many mining students came to visit

On October 10, the students of mineral processing from the University of Science and Technology Beijing visited the Xinhai booth. Zhongyi Zhang, general manager of Xinhai Mining, made the explanation to the students, helping students to understand the new trend of the current mining development, narrowing the distance between enterprises and universities, and contributing to the talent training for the mining industry.


At the same time, students also enjoyed the VR experience.


So far, the 2019 China international mining conference was concluded perfectly! Thanks to every Xinhai people for their hard work. It is because every Xinhai people gather the unbreakable power, helping Xinhai keep forward in the tide of the times!


In the future, Xinhai will continue to spread correct ideas and methods of mining investment and construction, provide the customized mineral processing EPC+M+O service for more mines around the world, and help to build a community of shared future for global mining development!