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Sudan 240 t/d Gold Mineral Processing Plant

The project of Sudan 240 t/d gold mineral processing plant was fully undertaken by Xinhai Mining EPC. Xinhai Mining provided the “Turn-key Solution for Mineral Processing Plant”, namely “processing test and research, processing plant and construction drawing design, complete equipment manufacturing and procurement, plant construction, equipment installation, commissioning and delivery - management and operation”.

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Xinhai Solution

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    Two stage of open-circuit crushing process was adopted in crushing stage. The raw ore was piled in the raw ore yard, and loaded with a forklift truck. A grid screen was installed at the top of the primarybin. The material on the screen that didn’t passed the grid screen was broken by manual hammer before entering the primarybin.  A chute feeder was installed at the bottom of the primarybin and the jaw crusher was used for coarse crushing. The coarsely crushed products were transported by the belt conveyor to the fine-crushing jaw crusher for finely crushing, and then the finely crushed products were transported by the belt conveyor to the powder ore bin.

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    The process of the stage closed-circuit grinding + multi-stage heavy separation was adopted. A pendulum feeder, installed at the bottom of the powder ore bin, sent materials to the cylindrical ball mill for grinding by the belt conveyor. The discharge flowed into the diaphragm jig for heavy separation, tailings flowed into the single spiral classifier for classifying, and the riffling was returned to the ball mill for re-grinding, forming a closed-circuit grinding process, with a grinding fineness of -200 mesh accounting for 60%. The concentrate from jig flowed into two 6-S shakers for concentration. The selected concentrate was the product, gold sand, and the concentrated tailings was pumped back to classifier.

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    The overflow from the classifier flowed into the buffer tank for buffering, and then was pumped into the water-jacketed centrifuge for heavy separation. The concentrate flowed into the shaking table for concentration and the selected concentrate was the product, gold sand. The concentrated tailings and tailings from centrifuge flowed together into the blanket chute for scavenging and scavenging concentrate was the product, gold sand. The scavenging tailings was the final tailings.

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    The clarified water in the tailings from the heavy separation could be used as backwater and returned to the system for reuse.

Project Result

Gold Mineral Processing Plant

The entire processing plant of the project had stable operation and reliable quality of the equipment. The mineral processing indicators and economic benefits had reached expectations. The professional EPCM+O from Xinhai Mining had been highly recognized and acknowledged by the client.