Guizhou 700t/d Gold Ore Tailings Dry Stacking Project

Guizhou 700t/d Gold Ore Tailings Dry Stacking Project

Guizhou 700TPD gold mine is a tailings dry drainage project undertaken by Xinhai. According to the amount of tailings of the gold mine and the properties of tailing slurry, Xinhai designed the gold tailings dehydration (dry drainage) process of thickening machine + filter press for it.

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Xinhai Solution

  • 01

    The tailings were pumped by the tailings pump to the defoaming tank of the thickener with a diameter of 24 meters in the dry discharge workshop for concentration. 

  • 02

    The underflow of the thickener was further dewatered by the filter press to achieve tailings dry stacking. 

  • 03

    The filtrate of filter press and the overflow of thickener were returned to the original flotation workshop for recycling.

Project Result