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Guizhou 1000t/d Phosphate Processing Plant Project

The ore of the project was carbonate-type phosphate rock, with a geological reserve of more than 20 million tons, and an average P2O5 grade of 26.5%. According to the customer requirements, the scale of the initial construction of the processing plant was determined to process 230,000 tons of raw ore and produce 150,000 tons of phosphate concentrate per year.

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Xinhai Solution

  • 01

    Crushing stage: the maximum particle size of the ore feed was 200mm, and the size of the crushed product was -12mm.

  • 02

    Grinding and flotation stage: the grinding machine adopted an energy-saving ball mills, the classifier adopted improved spiral classifiers, and the flotation machine was an air-filled flotation machine combined unit, which can realize horizontal configuration. The discharge of the flotation machine was the phosphate concentrate, and the foam tank products of the flotation machine were the tailings.

  • 03

    Concentrate concentration and dewatering stage: the flotation phosphate concentrate flowed into the high-efficiency thickener to form an underflow concentration of 50-60%. The overflow water from the thickener returned to the ball mill for reuse, and the underflow was pumped into the concentrate pool;

  • 04

    Tailings stage: the flotation tailings flowed to the nearby tailing dam by itself.

Project Result

The project had an advanced and reasonable technological process, low investment, and good economic benefits. The plant equipment was mostly advanced equipment with high efficiency, energy-saving, and superior performance. The plant was compact and reasonable, saving infrastructure investment. In the end, the recovery rate of phosphate concentrate was far greater than 90%.